Back to the Cinema: My New Film Writing Gigs

So, back in the day, I used to write film reviews. Both for my own various blogs and whatnots, and for other publications such as The Burg, Filmspeak, & Central Pa Voice (all Harrisburg area alt-newspapers). For a while, I was even running a small three screen arthouse cinema (along with my loverly wife) for a few years too. Press passes to screenings and film festivals. It was a good life. I was a bonafide film critic - back when that term meant something. Or at least in the waning years of the era that film criticism meant something. 

Well, that was a long time ago. The powers that be at the aforementioned arthouse cinema (aka the shady, backstabbing owners - not that I'm bitter) let my wife and I go in order to put their friends in positions of so-called power there. This along with me being burnt out on movies (I had just finished a project where I watched every movie on a 1000 Greatest Films list compiled online - in just two years!!) sent me in other directions in life. But baby, I'm back!

Closing in on a decade since my film critic years, I was just offered a gig writing a film column for Harrisburg Magazine. That column, titled, "Cinematic Ramblings with Kevyn Knox," makes its print debut in the January 2022 issue of the magazine. Each and every month, I will ramble on for 600 words about something cinematic. Be it my foray into studying film and film history (my inaugural column) or the best films of the past year (column number two) or just my thoughts on classic film and such. 

I'm also doing periocic film-related articles for Harrisburg Magazine as well. The December 2021 issue had a piece on unconventional Christmas movies, co-written by myself, author & playwright Paul Hood, and the magazine's very own editor, Randy Gross. There will be another one coming in February on unromantic romance movies for Valentine's Day. 

All this film writing, and film watching of course, has also gotten the writing juices flowing again. I am writing more on this very blog than I have been for a too long while. I'm also working on a novel - but that is another story for another day. For now, the film critic and film historian is back baby! Just thought the seven loyal readers who look at this blog would want to know.

That's it gang. See ya 'round the web - and at the movies.


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