All About Me

Kevyn Knox is a Blogger, Film and TV Historian + Critic, a true blue Pop Culturist, a Comic book Nerd from waaay back, a lapsed Cartoonist, a wouldbe Novelist, an Instagram Hero, and the Writer of All Things Kevyn.

Knox is most well known for his social media butterfly persona. From his renowned pop culture blog, appropriately titled All Things Kevyn, to his pop art re-invention of what it is to be an Instagram Hero, to his sass and sense of humour on Twitter and Facebook, Knox takes his lovingly warped, yet quite wry, Post-Proustian, digression-happy writing style, and heaps it upon the unsuspecting world...whether they want it or not.

Kevyn is also a fan of the argyle sweater vest, and can often be found in Mexican and Indian restaurants. So there!