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My Ramblings on the Oscar Nominations

So, the Oscar nominations have been announced, and as predicted, they were pretty predictable - only a few minor surprises. As far as my prediction rate went, I was 38 for 43, or an 88% correct percentage. I missed one each in Director, the two screenplay categories, and the two Supporting categories. But enough of that - here are my thoughts on what we got. Mank, my second favourite film of 2020, was the big winner with 10 nominations, but the real news was the diversity in the nominations - a reflection in both the more diverse Academy membership and the more diverse Hollywood as a whole, especially when it comes to women in the directors seat. 2020 saw 18% of Hollywood made films being directed by women, doubling the numbers from just two years prior. This has also led to a long overdue new record, as two women are nominated for Best Director this year. Emerald Fennell, who directed Promising Young Woman, and Chinese born Chloe Zhao, who is expected to take the prize home for her fi

My Oscar Nomination Predictions

So here we go kids! Another year, another attempt at predicting the Oscars! Of course 2020 was a very different year, but enough about all that. Haven't we discussed that enough. Let's look to the future instead. Granted, the Academy Awards were pushed back until the end of April because of, well you know...2020. So that means the nominations are coming a bit late too. But tomorrow they are a-comin', so today, I give you my final nomination predictions - just like every other year. And speaking of every other year, my predictions usually come in the 83% to 88% range, sometimes I even breach that 90% threshold. This year, who knows. It does seem a bit more predictable than normal this year. Anyhoo, enough babbling. Let's get on with the predictions! Below are my predictions for each of the eight major categories, along with a dark horse / spoiler choice and an impossible hopeful, aka a film or performer I love but knows has no chance in hell. And awaaaay we go! Best Pict