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The National Food Day Project

So, every day is a special day. National this day and National that day. And every day has a national food attached to it. National Taco Day. National Cream Puff Day. National Peking Duck Day. You get the idea. With that in mind I have decided to take on a new project for 2022. Every day I will eat whatever the national food is, and I will do videos and photos and other fun stuff to commemorate it. These videos and photos and such will be posted on my Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok feeds.  You won't know why, but every day you will watch me eat and talk about food, and you will be entertained. Again, you won't know why, but you will be. From National Taffy Day to National Escargot Day to National Blueberry Cheesecake Day to National Yorkshire Pudding Day to Trail Mix Day to Green Bean Casserole Day to Apple Brown Betty Day to Margarita Day. That last one should be fun. So check out my social medias on each day (links below) and travel with me through The National Food Day Pro