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 Boogie Nights * Die Screaming, Marianne Don't Touch the White Woman * Halloween * Hausu * Heathers * The Silver Chalice * Teeth 

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Pulp Fiction * Star Wars 

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Best of the Year * Oscar Nom Predix / Results * Oscar Predix / Results
Best of the Year * Oscar Nom Predix / Results * Oscar Predix
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Best of the Year * Oscar Nom Predix / Results * Oscar Predix
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1967 * 1984

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A Dear Wes Letter * My (Guiltless) Guilty Pleasures * A Very Hitchcockian Poem * May the 4th be With You * On Projectionists100 Random Movie-Related Facts About Me 

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My 100 Favourite Films of All-Time


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 10 Grooviest American Icons * 10 Best Fictional Barkeeps * 10 Best Modern Black and White Films * 10 Best Bobbys * 10 Most Heinous Bosses * 10 Best Captains * 10 Best Non-Superhero Comic Book Movies10 Hottest Comic Book Couples * 10 Best Comic Book Writers * 10 Favourite Comic Strips10 Best Decades * 10 Best Eddies * 10 Baddest Eye Patch Wearin' Mofos10 Best Fifth Beatles * 10 Best Friends Dates15 Funnest F-Words * 10 Fishiest Folks * 10 Greatest Great Apes * 10 Best Green Guys & Gals * 10 Best Huey, Dewey, and Louie's * 10 Coolest People Named Jones10 Most Wonderfully Ridiculous Mascots * 10 Best Mothers10 Sexiest Muppets * 10 Coolest Peeps Born in '67 * 10 Best Presidential Names * 10 Sexiest Starlets * 10 Best Damn Mustaches * 10 Best Queens10 Best Fictional Religions * 10 Best Seinfeld Guest Stars10 Best Sitcom Guest Star Parents * 10 Favourite Tarantino Characters * 10 Best Unseen TV Characters * 10 Best Walking Dead Characters Not Named Daryl Dixon (updated version) * 10 Best White People * 10 Coolest X-Things
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Fun With Comics

Batman's 75th Birthday * Birthday Comic Books * A Comic Valentine * Free Comic Book Day * Rat Queens & Women in Comics * Sex Criminal Variances * X-Men #98 and the Birth of a Comic Book Geek

My 25 Fave Comic Books of 2014  

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Check out all my La-La & Lu-Lu Comic strips
(last updated on 04/11/15)

Check out all my Famous People Attend A Cocktail Party strips
(only three of these exist - sorry)

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The Great Albums Series

Below are links to all editions of The 11 Question Interview.  Enjoy.

Bitchy Waiter * Rachel Bloom * Bob BretallBill Griffith * Richard Kline * Robbie Rist * Sal Piro


Below are all my local 11 Question Interviews. 
These are done exclusively for Today's the Day Harrisburg.

 Introduction * Bruce Bond * Clark Nicholson 

Below are links to the top tens I have written for Geek League of America.  Enjoy.

Girls With Glasses: The 10 Coolest Nerd Girls (07/30/14)
No Capes Nor Cowls: The 10 Best Non-Superhero Comic Book Movies (07/15/14)
Hocus Pocus: The 10 Hottest Witches (05/27/14)
Captain's Log: The 10 Hottest Captain Kirk Conquests (04/25/14)
By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth: The 10 Best Wizards & Sorcerers (04/08/14)
The 10 Best Walking Dead Characters Not Named Daryl Dixon (03/25/14)
The 10 Best Anthropomorphized Sea Creature Characters (03/17/14)
The 10 Best Spaceships in All the Galaxy (03/11/14)
The 10 Greatest Great Apes of All Time (03/03/14)
The 10 Hottest Comic Book Couples (02/28/14)


Below are links to all the other things I have written for Geek League of America.  Enjoy.

Movie Review: Neill Blomkamp's CHAPPiE (03/08/15)
TV Review: The Flash Pilot Episode (10/08/14) 
Movie Review: Luc Besson's Lucy (07/28/14)
1984: The Greatest Year II - Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (06/11/14)
The Year of The Bat: The Dark Knight Turns 75 (03/28/14)
Fantastic Four Star Michael B. Jordan Addresses the Haters (03/07/14)
What Will Scarlett Johansson's Pregnancy Mean for Avengers: Age of Ultron (03/05/14)

Below are links to the comic book reviews I have written for ComicSpectrum.  Enjoy.
(My tenure here ran from February 2014 to November 2015)

Below are links to the various other places for which I have written.  Enjoy.

Today's the Day Harrisburg: The 10 Most Pop Culture-y Things to Happen in Harrisburg (03/01/14)
All the Day Sounds: Top Five Friday Contribution (01/24/14)

Blogathon Posts
Below are links to the Blogathons in which I have participated.  Enjoy.

1984-A-Thon: My 10 Favourite Films of 1984 (09/02/14)
Journey Across the Cosmos Through Film: Le Voyage dans la lune (08/17/14) 
1964 in Film: A Hard Day's Night in 50 Years or Less (07/23/14)  
The Silver Chalice or: Paul Newman & the Holy Grail (07/11/14)
The Lion, the Witch, & the MGM Logo: An Irreverent History (06/29/14)
1967 in Film: My 10 Favourite Films from the Year I was Born (06/20/14)
Graphic (Novel) Horror Blogathon: Marvel Comics The Tomb of Dracula (03/19/14)

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It's About TV: The Do-It-Yourself Network (06/12/14)

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