NBS: The National Broadcasting System - An Introduction

Back when I was but an impressionable youth of twelve or thirteen (circa 1980), I had created my own television network. Back in those halcyon days of pre-cable television (well, mostly pre-cable, at least pre-the balls-out 8000+ channel beast we currently call TV) there was just the big three networks.  ABC, CBS, and NBC.  Sure, there was a burgeoning non-network atmosphere going on (CNN, ESPN, USA, & HBO were all just new kids on the block, and far from being in every home yet, and MTV had yet to be launched), but basically it was the battle of the network stars back in those days (how didjya like that oh so clever reference?). Anyway, enough of this little television history lesson. Let's get onto why we'll here today.

My network was called NBS, the National Broadcasting System, and it housed a full schedule of shows, from cop shows to nighttime soaps to dramas and actioners and a slew of sitcoms. At one time, I had all the shows, along with casts and synopses and even ratings (to be fair, some of my shows were hits and others were flops), written down in one of many notebooks I kept as a kid on different subjects (a habit I still carry on, but that is another story for another day). Sadly, those notebooks vanished over time (who the hell knows what happened to them) and I have very little recollection of this short-lived (just two seasons until I tired of the game) television network. The only shows I really remember well are a sitcom called Daniel Boom, about a sad sack old west sheriff and the townful of loonies surrounding him (a sort of old west Mayberry, but lacking the Andy Taylor-esque sensible character), and a nighttime soap called The Love of Life (a show idea that I would later transform into a snarky daytime soap called Pathos Hospital, but more on that in a future post). Everything else I created seems to have vanished from my memory just as those aforementioned notebooks have vanished from existence. Gone to the four winds or wherever lost things go. 

But not to worry faithful readers and true believers, for Must-See TV (I didn't steal that moniker, did I?) is back. In an updated version, I am bringing NBS back onto the air (or whatever we call it these days). For the first time since its initial two season tryout (1980-81 and 1981-82, though I seem to remember it dying off around midseason of the second year), the National Broadcasting System came back on the air, beginning with the Fall 2014-15 NBS primetime television schedule. Below are links to each season's schedule, including show synopses, cast lists, behind-the-scenes intrigue, midseason replacements, ratings, reviews, renewals and cancellations, and all other sundry items.

That's it gang (for now). See ya 'round the web.

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