Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Same as it Ever Was: Self Quarantine Day 12, and i Feel Fine

So, in case you didn't know, or are one of those complete and utter morons who still think it's all just a hoax, or overblown gobbily gook (aka, the tin foil hat wearing crowd over at Faux News), there is a little bit of a pandemic going on across the globe. Quarantines and social distancing and all that have become the so-called norm of these scary Coronavirus  end of days. Okay, end of days is a bit harsh, a bit reactionary if you will. Yes, i believe this is all going to eventually blow over ...eventually. It certainly would help it to blow over quicker if the aforementioned blaise idiots would do what they are supposed to do, and stay the fuck home, instead of whining about having nothing to do, and how they just have to go to that birthday party or that unwarranted beach trip or that megachurch service every goddamn Sunday! But i digress.

Anyhoo, since there is no work to do for this guy right now (my business is closed down until further notice) i thought i would take up the blogging thing once more. Yeah, i suppose blogging isn't as "cool" as it once was (back when i was doing 4 or 5 blog posts a week, as opposed to the 4 or 5 a year i do lately) but it is still a thing, so i am doing it dammit! But again, i digress. The point of this post was to reintroduce myself to my blog. You see, this here blog has been going on since November of 2013, strongly so for a few years, but only on fumes for the past three years. Well that is about to change dammit! I sure do exclaim a lot here, don't i? Anyhoo...

Originally, All Things Kevyn (not too egocentric a name, right?) was set up to discuss the things that i found important in life. The arts. Cinema. TV. Music. Comic Books. You know...the basics. Pretty much Pop Culture in general. Well, that isn't about to change. What will change is that i plan on expanding my writings, my rambling bloggish musings, to include a much wider, much more esoteric group of interests. I am in the beginning rumblings of a book idea. A sort of nonsensical encyclopedia of sorts. Some of these ideas will surely make their debuts on these "pages" as a sort of out of town opening for the aforementioned book. Yes, there will still be plenty of rambling bloggish musings on the world of cinema, both classic and modern, as well as that thing we still archaically refer to as TV. You will still be reading things in here on all of Pop Culture, and all the fun top ten lists, but also much much more.

My Instagram thing (those in the know, know of what i speak, those who do not should go and follow me over there @kevynknox - an example of said Instagram thing can be seen in the Warholian self portrait above) still goes on and on and on. My photography and art still marches forward. Eventually i may even go back to work (who knows) but even then, i will still make time for this here blog ...just like i should have been doing the whole goddamn time! And while we're on the subject, for all those All Things Kevyn newbies out there (which, considering my slacking non-commitment of the past three years, is pretty much everyone) why not peruse some of my previous rambling bloggish musings. Seriously, what else have you got to do? Well, except for all our medical workers out there. You guys are already doing your part ...and then some! Stay safe out there.

That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.