Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Thoughts on the Oscar Nominations

Hey there true believers...it looks like the Oscar Nominations have been announced...and here are some thoughts on them. First off, i would like to congratulate myself (i nice little pat on the ole back) on correctly predicting 91% of the nominees. Missing just four out of the 43 that i predicted. Huzzah!

As for the nominees themselves...even though the whole shebang was rather predictable, there were a few surprises. The most notable being the omission of Bradley Cooper in the Best Directing category. Though there is precedent after the same snub happened to Ben Affleck before his Argo went on to win the Best Picture Oscar. But alas, A Star is Born may not be the frontrunner anymore anyway. That position belongs to....um...maybe Roma. Or Green Book? Or even The Favourite perhaps. But anyhoo, the point being that Bradley Cooper was a surprise omission.

Some other intriguing items include Black Panther becoming the first superhero movie to grab a Best Picture nod; Spike Lee receiving his first ever(!?) Best Director nomination; Paul Shrader, the man who wrote both Taxi Driver & Raging Bull, also receiving his first ever(!?) nomination; Mr. Rogers' documentary getting snubbed; Ethan Hawke, in  First Reformed, the best performance of 2018, also getting snubbed; and not one, but two gentlemen named Yorgos getting nominations. Huzzah!

But enough rambling. On with the show. The Oscars will go down on Feb. 24th, and i will be back with some Odcsr Night Predictions the eve before. Meanwhile...why not take a poll. Over at the top of the sidebar (mobile users must go to web version to do this) you can make your choice for your favourite of the eight BP nominees. i'll also be back in a few days for the publishing of my Best of 2018 Film List.

That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. First ever for Spike Lee? Paul Shrader? I am surprised by some omissions as are everyone else but let’s see what will happen between now and the big night

  2. Hi Kevyn!
    It's been a while! What are you up to?
    Honestly I've just watched Roma on the list of nominees. I loved the Fellini feel to it and the Tarkovsky camera work. But I missed the magic of Fellini and the visual storytelling of Tarkovsky.
    So I don't know what to make about this film. How did you appreciated it?

    1. Hey there. Yup...long time. I'm going to start up writing more regularly these days.

      As for Roma...i found it mesmorizing. Will definitely be in my top ten.

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