Thursday, September 14, 2017

People Who Need to be Punched in the Face, Part Eleven

So, hey there faithful readers and true believers! I'm back! Yeah, after waaaay too long (my last post was nearly three months ago) and just a dry writing/blogging spell in general (this is just my tenth post of 2017), this boy is back on fire. And to get things kickin' again, what better way than making a list of people whom should be punched in the face. That's right! Let's punch a buncha people in the face! Oh, and for "insurance" reasons, please take note that I am not saying you should necessarily go out and punch any of the people on this list, just that certain people may need a good face punching now and again. And if you do go out and face punch any of the people on said list, please make sure the women are punched only by other women. I mean, come on, I am still a gentleman after all. But hey, do what ya'll want. Anyhoo, here's that aforementioned list everyone was all giddy about earlier.

Donald Drumpf, aka that Cheeto-Face Shit Gibbon
Anyone who voted for said Shit Gibbon
(the above were way too obvious)
...and now on with the list...
Lena Dunham
Tommy Hilfiger
Lex Luthor
Ted Cruz
Betsy Devos
Seth MacFarlane
Pennywise the Clown
Guys named Buster
Rob Liefeld
Tim Allen
Tim Allen Fans
Brann Stark
Lena Dunham
Pumpkin Spice Lovers
Right Wing Bloggers
People who still watch MTV
The Ghost of Johnny Paycheck
Everyone in those J.G. Wentworth Commercials
People who prefer August to October
Richard Spencer (again)
Susan Sarandon
Cersei Lannister
Coldplay Fans
James Woods
Those Skynet Bastards
The Ghost of Thomas Kinkade
People who laugh at Everybody Loves Raymond
Carl Burnett (I never did like that kid)
The Boston Red Sox
Vince Vaughn
Tom Selleck
Dennis Miller
Janine Turner
Scott Baio
Kevin Sorbo
Meg Griffin
Lena Dunham
That Brad Douche
Waffle House Regulars
Garrett Linebaugh
Tom Brady (of course)
Butterhead Jones
Baron Zemo
The Drake
The Dutch
The Little Mermaid
Chicken Little
Rich Little
Little Richard
Natty Bumpo
Dr. Frank Burns
Little Bitches
Dog Haters
Flat Earthers
Lucy Van Pelt
That Bastard Aaron Kraybill
(Just seeing if you're paying attention Kraybill)
Whoever was responsible for downgrading Pluto
The "All Lives Matter" Crowd
People who make stoopid lists
People who read stoopid lists
People who spell stupid, stoopid
Bigfoot Non-Believers
Seven O'Clock
Itchy AND Scratchy
Lazy Muthahfuckers
No, seriously, Aaron Kraybill
People who don't like sandwiches
Mamby Pambies & Wishy Washies
Q (you know...that guy from Star Trek)
Dennis Dunphy, aka Demolition Man
Milton the Toaster
Minnie the Moocher
Mickey the Mouse
Most White People
The Pepsi Generation
Ugly Kid Joe
Billy Joel
Mel Sharples
Lena Dunham
(as always)

That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


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