Thursday, May 26, 2016

Nights & Days in the Burg: The Life & Times of a Harrisburger

I've been doing this blog for a little over two and a half years, and have had some sort of online presence, via past blogs and websites, for over a dozen years now. Most of the content of these twelve plus years of blogging and reviewing and list-making and what have you, has been about the world of pop culture. Either cinema or TV or comic books or music or other such pop cultury doo-dads. But every now and again, I go local. Every now and again, I post something about my home town of Harrisburg, Pa. Be it an edition of my 11 Question Interview with a local icon, or a list of the most pop cultury things in Harrisburg. And yes, I just used the term pop cultury twice. Or actually three times now. Anyhoo, in keeping with this now and again tradition, I offer up a new (now and again) recurring series, Nights & Days in the Burg.

In this new (now and again) series, I will highlight the things going on in and around my Harrisburg. And yes, the official term for we Harrisburg residents, is indeed, Harrisburgers. I kid not. But I digress, a thing I tend to do quite a bit. This series will touch on the nightlife of Harrisburg as well as the daylight hours. Maybe a look at the dinosaur sculptures strewn about the city during this Dynomite Summer (yes, really) or my take on the coolest things to do in town, or just a close-up look at one of my favourite fellow Harrisburgers. It could be anything, dammit! Anything!! But enough of this rambling on, I have other things to do right now (like post something fresh and new on Instagram) so I'm going to get going. But don't forget to look for the first of this (now and again) series, coming soon(ish). Oh, and look out for other posts coming soon as well. Like maybe my upcoming look at every single member of the Mighty Avengers. Yeah, that's coming up soon. So be here for that. But don't forget about the whole Nights & Days in the Burg thing. Yeah, those are coming too. But for now...I gotsa go! That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.

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