Thursday, April 14, 2016

I Ain't No Negative Nellie: A Bunch of People I Genuinely Like

So, as my faithful readers already know, I do a regular feature here at the ole blog, entitled "People Who Need to be Punched in the Face." For those not in the know, this feature is just what it sounds like, a list of people who I believe need to be punched in the face. You know, people like Chris Martin or Lena Dunham or Ted Cruz. Now granted, this feature is all just tongue-in-cheek (all fun-n-games), and I do not really advocate punching anyone in the face, but it still might be construed as a bit on the negative side. So, to counteract this image, and to prove that I am not, as the title so eloquently reads, a Negative Nellie, here are a slew of peeps I genuinely like. Nothing negative here. Just positive thinking. And without further ado, here they are, in no particular order.

Norman Reedus
Bruce Banner
Michael Fassbender
Tom Hiddleston
Lady Gaga
Sterling Archer
Maurice G. Esworthy III
Whoever wrote that Shoop Shoop song
People who bring me cake
Chris Hardwick
Wil Wheaton
Jimmy McGill
Winona Ryder
Hasil Farrell
Holly Golightly
Female Leads in Star Wars Films
The 1988 Chicago Bears
Marcy Louise Proust
Hopey & Maggie
Fried Chicken
The Late Kurt Vonnegut
Jughead Jones (my Spirit Animal)
Vampires who do NOT Sparkle
Daniel Day Lewis
Liz Lemon
Leslie Knope
Gal Pal Rachel Greene
The Atari 2600
Pete Rose
Hypodermic Sally
The Little Missus (of course)
HAL 3000 from 2001
Aaron Sorkin
The Creator of the Spork
Leslie Jones
Linus Van Pelt
Ron Fucking Swanson
Rick Fucking Grimes
Bill Motherfucking Murray
The Funko Company
Jen & Gary
People named Pablo
Peter Pez
Matt Smith
Ben Affleck as Batman
The Gang at Comix Connection
Benedict Cumberbatch
Clark Gregg
Peggy Olson
C.T. Liotta
Mr. Spock
Rat Fink
Alan Moore
Yoko Ono
Tim Curry
Laverne Cox
Justin Timberlake
Dr. Peter Venkman
Jane Eyre (the Cat, not the Character)
Randy Macho Man Savage
Reina Wooden (aka the Artist known as r76)
That Guy who works with Flo at Progressive
Mayor Adam West
Carrie Fisher
Sliced Bread
Michael Stipe
Squirrel Girl
Esther Rosenblatt
Ryan Stroup
Ken Jennings
Sarah Paulsen
Zooey & Fanchette
Cap'n Smiley-Face
Chloe Sevigny
Jesus (He's just alright with me)

See, I really do like people. A lot of people.
Don't worry though, people will be getting punched in the face again soon.
That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.

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