Friday, January 15, 2016

Oh How I Did on My Oscar Nomination Predictions

So, the annual Oscar nominations were announced yesterday. There were a few (semi) surprises, and there is, of course, some controversy. Yeah, for the second year in a row, all twenty acting nominees were white as white can be. But hey, let's leave the lily white Oscar talk for another day. After all, the blatant racism is not so much with the Oscars, as much as it is about Hollywood as a whole. Sure, perhaps if the Academy were a more diverse group of people, then maybe films such as Straight Outta Compton or Spike Lee's Chi-raq would have garnered a few nominations. Maybe not. In full disclosure, Straight Outta Compton did receive a screenplay nod, but it is for the three white guys who wrote the damn thing. But, as I said, we are not here for a debate. We are here to find out how damn well I did in predicting yesterday's nominations. I mean, after all, this is a pop culture blog. Let's save the serious stuff for Facebook. Ha! Anyhoo, I digress.

So, I went 37 for 42, or 88%, in my Oscar nomination predictions. I picked 7 of the 8 Best Picture nominees, having the non-nominated Carol listed in my top eight, instead of the surprising (but deserving) nominee, Room. Meanwhile, I went 5 for 5 in three of the acting categories, missing just one in Supporting Actress (picking Helen Mirren instead of Rachel McAdams). I went 4 for 5 in Original Screenplay (the snubbing of Tarantino is made a little easier by the lovely surprise of Ex Machina grabbing that fifth spot), and 4 for 5 in Adapted Screenplay (the snubbed Aaron Sorkin for Steve Jobs was a shock, especially considering I had the guy pegged to win the Oscar in six weeks). And speaking of supposed frontrunners getting snubbed, we have my worst category. Going just 3 for 5 in Director. Seriously, no Ridley Scott for Director!? I am not even close to the only person predicting Scott to actually win the Oscar. But alas, that will not happen now. Good to see Room director, Lenny Abrahamson, grab a nod though. But sad to not hear Todd Haynes in there. Anyhoo, there ya have it. 88% ain't all that bad.

I will, of course, be back with my final Oscar Predictions the day before the ceremony, which will be on Sunday, February 28th. I will also, of course, be back before that, with other various blog posts, including my rather tardy Best Films of 2015 list, and other fun stuff.