Tuesday, November 17, 2015

People Who Need To Be Punched in the Face, Part X

Hey there true believers and faithful readers! Look who's back! That's right, after a Summer long drought, aka my semi-sabbatical, the blog with the balls is back. And also back? People who need to be punched in the face! My most popular regular feature, by far. I guess folks like bashing on others, but using me as a buffer. Anyhoo, for those who do not know, or for those who have forgotten after the aforementioned Summer long sabbatical, here's how this goes. I make a random list of people who I think should be punched in the face, and you read the list. Easy Peazy, lemon squeezy. And please remember, I am not advocating actually punching anyone in the face. This list is all in jest. Well, mostly. So yeah, don't go out and punch any of these people. Well, maybe if ya'll find yourself next to Donald Trump...anyhoo...on with the show. And if anyone has any suggestions for a future list, please feel to add them to the comments section. Maybe I'll agree, and use 'em in a future list. Now, awaaaay we go...

Donald Trump (of course)
Mike Fuckabee Huckabee
The Ghost of Barry Goldwater
That cocky Tarzan guy
Porch Dick Pete
Most Klingons
Lena Dunham
Correy the Junkey
Reverse Flash
Mary Worth
The Dutch
Chase Utley
Guys named Chad
Fans of the Chunky Bar
Kevin Costner
The Mayor
Marco Rubio
"Dr." Ben Carson
Chris Martin
Chris Martin again
Chris Martin one more time
Lena Dunham
Kevin Alexander
Mean drunks
Punk Ass Bitches
The Houston Astros
F. Murray Abraham
Larry Tate
Frank Castle
Reggie Mantle
Fans of Adam Sandler's last ten movies
Just kidding about F. Murray Abraham
Dirty no-good rats!
Meg Griffin
Lady Gaga Haters
Sore Losers!
Just Losers in general
Katherine Heigl
Fans of anything starring Katherine Heigl
Isaac Schatz (just seeing if Isaac is paying attention)
People who do not like the Butthole Surfers
Steve Guttenburg
Kirk Cameron
Jackson Kelly
The Boogie Man (and his minions)
Citizens of Landfall, no wait...Citizens of Wreath, no wait...
White Zinfandel drinkers
Have I mention Lena Dunham yet?
Howzabout Chris Martin?
People who repeat themselves
Iron Man
Iron Maiden
Iron Curtain Supporters!
People who don't know what Irony is
Ironic t-shirt wearin' Hipsters!
"King" Joffrey Baratheon
Pill Poppers
Ted Cruz
General Urko
General Zod
Anyone who doesn't like Bjork
People from Ohio
Aiden Quinn
Breeders (not the band)
People who don't love Archer!
Everyone's exes
Dick Cheney
Charlie Sheen
Prince Namor
Conspiracy Theorists
Matt Flynn
PJ Morton
Jesse Carmichael
Mickey Madden
James Valentine
Adam Levine
Anyone who would willingly listen to the previous six
Yeah, that's Maroon 5
People who don't like Star Wars
The douchebag in that red car
Basil Rathbone
Reed Richards
Rufus Dangerman
People who call apes, monkeys
People who dislike Halloween
People who request Maroon 5
People who watch Babylon 5
People who do not like Doctor Who
Lena Dunham
Harrisburg Hipsters
People with Private Instagram Accounts
Anyone who votes for Donald Trump (of course)
Jackass Bloggers
(Myself soooo much included)

That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. Oh so good to see some of these people and glad lena is back on this list. Poor F. Murray Abraham and Larry Tate? Not Larry. I would say the 2nd Darren Stevens. Please add Stephen Harper, anyone from Isis, Jar Jar Binks and Jane Fonda...also Sophia Vergara since she is sounding like Charo now

    1. Larry always got on my nerves. I suppose ISIS is a no-brainer. I can do Harper...and Jar Jar, of course. As for Jane and Sophia...I like them.