Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hello, My Name is Kevyn Knox, and I am an Instagram Hero

So, as a self-appointed Master Social Media Butterfly (my own term), and as the renowned Captain Awesome (the hat says so, so it must be true), my presence on Facebook has always been rather omnipresent. Well, at least for the past seven years of so. I have also Tweeted my share of Twitter moments. But these days, such social media blatherings are mere secondary fodder for my true online calling. Mixing my artistic sensibilities with my natural talent for spinning a good yarn, I have taken to Instagram...and with a motherfucking vengeance.

As I am sure ya'll know, Instagram is a place full of ugly selfies, drunken poses, and an array of random pics, all with little to no artistic flair whatsoever. But then there are those who have taken to the Gram to do something a bit more creative. I myself have taken to that aforementioned Gram, with a specific goal in mind. To build a Cult of Personality. My Gram is not your ordinary Gram. This ain't yo grandpappy's Gram!! Wait...what? Anyhoo, the Gram I am trying to build, this Cult of Personality, all of which is at 200 pics strong, and growing, is an amalgam of self-awareness, artistic experimentation, and lots of kitschy fun. This Gram has a few major categories. The first is, of course, the selfie. But these are not your typical duck-faced, side-tilted selfies. My selfies involve a bit more creativity, and sometimes an added silliness from one of the three thousand apps I have on my phone.

Sure, there are a bunch of selfies, but they involve animal heads, strange statuary, celebrity meet and greets, or possibly myself as the undead, via AMC's Walking Dead "Dead Yourself App." I also am building up a slew of photos revolving around my circle of friends. With not much family to speak of, my friends are my family, and so shall be a major part of this supposed Cult of Personality-in-the-making. Whether it be Zuky Two Shoes, a local gadfly and Midtown Harrisburg icon, or my wife and my's go-to-couple, Jen & Gary, or our rainbow-haired hippy roommate, Sarah, or any of the slew of other oddball friends around town, our friends are a major part of the ole Gram. Of course, another major part of the Gram are the Little Missus (who has her own hashtag at #thelittlemissus) and our adorbz little doggie, Marcy Proust (again, with her own hashtag #marcyproust).

Other fun aspects of the Gram are our trips to oddball places. Places such as Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum & Candy Emporium, or the giant pickle Man in Dillsburg, Pa. Then there are the regular features. Some of these features are recurring series' such as my Stormtrooper Selfies, wherein I take selfies with stormtroopers (some real live cosplayers, others cardboard standees), and my series of Giant Utensil pictures. Yeah, I pose with giant utensils, as simple as that. There are also the fake mustache photos and the pics of D-Train (an orange beanbag bear souvenir from the NYC MTA line) in various picturesque places. There is also the series where I have various peeps hold a sign that reads "Follow @kevynknox on Instagram." That's always fun. So yeah, these are the things I am doing with Instagram these days. Using it as an unending artistic installation piece, a super-meta, po-mo photog beast, if you will, and a way to build my Cult of Personality.

I will still be posting here at the ole blog at least twice a week, sometimes thrice (top tens still coming), and obnoxiously Facebooking, as well as working on that book I hope to have up and ready by the Spring thaw, but now I can add Instagram Hero to that ever-growing list of self-centered accolades. With me closing in on 500 followers (and I had barely 100 as recently as July, when I decided to begin building my empire), the success of my Gram is growing and growing and growing. Friends and acquaintances are vying to become Gram-Worthy. Right now it is, of course, The Little Missus who has been the most Gram-Worthy, with 32 appearances. She is followed by little Marcy Proust, with 16 appearances. Then come friends like Gary (6 apps), Jen and Zuky Two Shoes (5 each), Ziza & Monica (4 each), Rainbow Sarah & Crazy Patty (3 apps each), and a slew more at 1 and 2 appearances a piece. Maybe you too can become Gram-Worthy, and find yourself making an appearance on my Gram. It is only up up and away from here on in. Next stop...Instagram Stardom...and maybe an appearance on @Midnight with Chris Hardwick, or a shout-out from Daniel Tosh.

So head on over to the Gram, and check me out. The name you are looking for is @kevynknox. This is also my Twitter tag if you are so inclined. So, to all my faithful readers and all those true believers, go ahead and follow follow follow me. Ya know ya wanna. Meanwhile, enjoy some of these fun Gram images from days past. The two above, plus below are a few more samples of what ya'll can get at the Gram. And tel everyone you know...friends and strangers alike. That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.

Seriously, check me at --- @kevynknox!!
That's (really) it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. Well it sounds like you are loving Instagram. I do like some of these pics and your doggie is cute ( and so is your wife:))

    1. Thanx for the kudos. And yes, they are pretty darn cute.