Friday, June 19, 2015

Heavenly Body of the Week: Gobotron

The Go-Bots have often been thought of as second-rate Transformers. This is mainly due to the grand success of the Transformers, and the rather utter fail that was the Go-Bots. The Go-Bots were transforming robot toys that got their own cartoon. Although the two franchises viciously competed for revenue between 1984 and 1987, the Transformers rocketed out of this world (so to speak) in the late 1980's, and by 1991, Habro, the Transformers' owners, had bought the rights to the Go-Bots (or GoBots, if you will), and the toy war was essentially over.

I don't know if the Go-Bots get a bad rap or not. Both toys and cartoons are pretty dumb in my eyes, but others seem to like 'em, so there must be something there. Actually, what many people may not realize (or even care about) is that the Go-Bots actually came first. Granted, just by a few months, but they did debut in late 1983, while The Transformers did not arrive until early 1984. Either way, I never really got into these guys, being that I was 16 at the time, and too busy with more adult-oriented things. You know, like The X-Men and Dungeons & Dragons. Anyhoo, to get onto the real reason we are all gathered here today - the Heavenly Body of the Week.

After a six week period of just two Heavenly Bodies of the Week (what kind of math is that!?), we seem to be back on track with back-to-back editions. So with that said, here we are at week #76 (not counting the aforementioned missing weeks) and the planet known as Gobotron. Waaay back in week #30 (a little less than a year ago), we celebrated the planet of Cybertron, homeworld of those damn Transformers. Now we give a big ole shout out to the homeworld of the Go-Bots. I suppose if I was forced to choose sides in the whole Transformers/Go-Bots war, my allegiances would lean toward the Go-Bots. Go Go Go-Bots, or whatever one says in these situations.

That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. I have to say I have never even heard of the Go-Bots. It sounds like they were a band in the Flintstones (Ok they were the way-outs but you know-it's the name.