Monday, June 1, 2015

A New Poll in Town: The Best TV Watering Holes

So here we are again, kids - at the start of a brand spankin' new poll, here at All Things Kevyn. So far, in poll history, you, all my fine faithful readers and true believers, have been asked to choose your favourite starship captain, your favourite Walking Dead character, your favourite Classic Universal Monster, your favourite Beatles Album, and your fave Quentin Tarantino pic. There was even an Oscar poll or two back there somewhere. So what is the new poll gonna be? Well, just in case you didn't already figure it out by the title of the post and/or the picture just to the right of these words, here's the dealio.

In this new poll, you are asked to choose your favourite TV Bar. The TV watering hole in which you would most like to hang out. Just like that! Easy peazy, lemon squeezy. Be it Ricky's Tropicana Club from I Love Lucy, Three's Company's The Regal Beagle, where the kisses are hers and hers and his, The Boar's Nest, Hazzard County's hottest hot spot, or Ten Forward, where Whoopi Goldberg slung drinks and advice aboard the USS Enterprise. You take your pick. Would you rather hang out at Moe's Bar, and have to put up with Homer Simpson, or at Cheers, and have to deal with Cliff Claven? Howzabout havin' a night out at The Drunken Clam with Peter and Quagmire, or braving the dangers of Jersey's Bada Bing! or Deadwood's Gem Saloon? Yup, it's time to make your decision. Will it be Paddy's Pub in Philly, where it's always sunny, or MacLaren's, where things can get legen-wait for it-dary? Maybe Beverly Hills' Peach Pit After Dark or Shooters, its watering hole spinoff. Perhaps you prefer Cooper's, where you can feel like a veritable King of Queens, or The Bronze, where you can get drunk AND slay vampires. Some might like picking up the tab at The Warsaw, with Drew Carey and the gang, while others would rather head North to Alaska, and hang out at The Brick, with Ed and Chris, and the maybe a moose or two. Yeah, that's how it's done. Pick your favourite TV bar. Howzabout Rosie's, even if it is at the front lines of the Korean War? Maybe heading back to the wild west, and visiting Miss Kitty's Long Branch Saloon. or heading out to the final frontier, and having a cocktail at Quark's. Then again, maybe The Bang Bang Bar is more your speed, though I would watch out for reverse talking little people or lady's who talk to logs. Of course, one could always take to the high seas, and have a mai-tai at whichever Pacific Princess bar that Isaac is tending. And in case there is a TV bar that I forgot to list (or just decided not to list - sorry True Blood fans), just let me know in the comments section either here in the post, or over at the poll itself.

So there ya go, gang! And just how does one vote. That too, is easy peazy, lemon squeezy. Just head on over to the poll widget, which can be found oh so conveniently near the top of the sidebar (seriously, ya'll can't miss it), and click on your choice. And please remember, you can comment all you want here (and we do encourage such) but in order for your vote to be counted, you must click on over to the poll, and do your thing. So head on over and get your vote on. The poll will run for six weeks, ending at Midnight, the night of July 13th, with the results being posted the following day, right here on the ole blog. Until then...well, you know. That's it gang. See ya 'round the web. I'll close with an illustration by James Carpenter for Punch Magazine. Enjoy.


  1. I have made my choice but it is Cheers and Ricky Ricardo's. I need some dancing, dinner and fun singing and I need a place for drinking that is not slimy or in a war. I have to say this one drawing here of Lucy looks a little like the undead Lucy statue in Jamestown that I hope will soon be gone