Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Universal Monsters Poll: The Scary Results

So here we are, at the end of our Universal Monster Poll. Your job? To pick and choose your favourite of the classic Universal Monsters. You had about six weeks to do this, so hopefully you got your vote in while it still counted. If you didn't? Oh well, it's too late now, because here come the results.

This was actually a pretty close race. Well, for some of the contestants. Out of the eight official Universal Monsters in our poll, four of them were battling it out for the top spot, while another one (a certain lovely lady monster) tried valiantly to make it a five way race. But let's start at the bottom, and work our way up, shall we? Evidently, no one really likes the Phantom of the Opera all that much, as the poor schmuck received just 3 votes - and this was out of a total of 111 votes cast. And one could also say that the Invisible Man was kind of invisible as well, garnering just 8 votes, for a seventh place finish. then, in sixth place, with just 11 votes, was The Mummy. This is where things began to get interesting. As I had alluded to earlier, The Bride of Frankenstein tried to make this a five way race, but in the end, the lone female combatant could not keep up (sexism!!) and the lovely lady with the stand-up hair (gotta love that do!) ended up in fifth place, with 15 votes, many of these gathered in the final few days of the poll. But you other guys. That's where it all was.

The vampire, the monster, the lupine, and the creature. Now that was a race. At one point, each of them had the lead all to themselves, only to have it yanked away, time and time again. Like I said, a real battle royale. Seriously, this was one of the closest polls we've had yet. But who won the damn thing!? Yeah yeah, I'm getting to that. Chillax homeskillet. So, coming in fourth place was the wouldbe hubby of that aforementioned bride. Frankenstein's Monster (and not Frankenstein, as that was his creator, and a real big pet peeve of mine) garnered 17 votes. Then in third place came the hairiest of our monsters, as The Wolf man beat the monster by just one vote. That would be 18 votes for those unable to do basic math. And then came the second place finisher, which I thought was the biggest surprise of 'em all - but a welcome surprise if ya ask me. With 19 votes, The Creature From the Black Lagoon takes home the silver medal. Way to go tall, green, and scaly. But alas, in what many probably saw as a forgone conclusion, the so-called king of the monsters, master of the night, and all around baddass dude, Count Dracula, took home the top prize, garnering a total of 21 votes. So suck on that! See what I did there?

So that's it for our Classic Universal Monster Poll. This is usually the part where I announce the new poll, theoretically starting up today, but as I have no new poll ready at the moment, we are going to have to hold off on that one. But not to worry true believers, for a brand spankin' new poll is just right around the corner, and you will be the first, or at least one of the first, to know all about it. For now, that's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. Oh I am one of the lousy 3 votes. I love that masked guy who lives under the streets of Paris. I figured Dracula would win and he is a goody but I am also surprised the the green monster had that much love-way ta go greeny!

    1. Love love love the Creature. He's the coolest, and I'm glad he got some good lovin' here!

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