Saturday, May 30, 2015

People Who Need To Be Punched in the Face, Number Nine

So here we are again kids! Another edition where I tell you who needs to be punched in the face. That's right. It's the end of may, almost the end of Spring, so what better way to kick-off the new season, than with a list of celebrities and others, who all need punched in the motherfuckin' face? Yeah, baby (and all that jazz!). So anyway, here we are at another post all about punching people in their respective (but probably not respectable) faces. Yeah yeah, I know - violence never solves anything. But come on, whether we actually punch any of the following peeps in the face (and from a legal standpoint, please remember that I am not advocating violence in any way, nor am I responsible, in case you do actually punch any of these fine folks in the face), but yeah, whether we punch any of these peeps in the face, these are all more than worthy candidates for the aforementioned punching. So there! Now let's get on with the list...and on with the punching. And please remember, if you have anyone you would like me to add to a future list (and ya know ya do), just let me know in the comments section, and I'll try to squeeze them in. And with that being said, awaaaaaay we go. Time for some punchin'.

Don King
That guy who said that thing
The Christian at Work
Old Man Joe
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz
Wolf Blitzer
Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham fans
Guys who willingly move to Alabama
Have I mentioned Ted Cruz?
Ass Hats & Douche Bags
Miss Piggy
Boss Hogg
Piglet from Winnie the Pooh
Men's Rights Activists
The Ghost of Tupac
Uppity Owls
 Overly affectionate Hippies
okay...all Hippies!
Lou Avery (the prick!)
Players who play play play
Haters who hate hate hate
Heartbreakers who break break break
Fakers who fake fake fake
Cathy Rigby (Why? Why not!)
Anyone who has ever bought a Smashmouth CD
Reverse Flash
Guys named Sven
The Gambler
Ted Cruz (seriously!)
Sweaty guys named Gus
People who do not like cheese
Two of the Three Amigos
Parakeet Pete
Mr. Sluggo
The Cat in the Hat
Mahnud Anel (that's just Lena Dunham, backwards)
The band Creed (and their fans - if they actually have any)
People who gasp and clap at fireworks
All the Duggar Men
Kirk Cameron
Mike Huckabee
Dennis Nedry
All those Duck Dynasty Assholes
Anyone who watches those Duck Dynasty Assholes
Ugly Kid Joe
Frankie Two-Toes
Six of the Seven Dwarfs (not you, Bashful)
The Ghost of Benedict Arnold
Larry the Loser
Bill Cosby
Rick Santorum
Rick Santorum Supporters
Have I mentioned Ted Cruz?
Lady Gaga Haters
Butterhead Jones
Ass Nuggets
The Giant Anteater (can't trust that guy)
Uncle Meat Pants
Any guy with a man bun
Reggie Mantle
Eddie Haskell
Dr. Everett Scott
Porch Dick Pete
Ann Coulter (of course)
Ted Cruz (again)
Lena Dunham (again)
Art Vandalay
Fred O'Bannion
A-Rod Haters
People with unnecessary Y's in their names
People who do not like Madonna's Vogue
Everyone at Fox News
Everyone who likes Fox News
Rush Limbaugh
Rex Reed
Axl Rose
Donald Trump
Green Lantern (smug bastard)
People who prefer whole wheat
Boring Sots
Lady Macbeth
Men named Chester
People who watch Grey's Anatomy
Kevin James
Pastepot Pete
Franco Harris
Kale Lovers
Chips off the old block
Guys named Chip
Larry Wilcox
The Chief of CBS
Rat Bastards!
Jason Todd
Kevin Costner
Gob Bluth
Lord Longshanks
Raymond Luxory Yacht
Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner
Grandpa Walton
Guys with pinky rings
Ted Cruz (one more time)
Michael Bay
The Governor
Princess Bride Haters
People who would not want to hang out with Jeff Goldblum
That guy Robin is punching in the picture below
Monday Mornings
Kevin Alexander
The arrogant prick writing this list

So there!
That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. I don't even know who Ted Cruz is? Does that mean I get punched in the face?? :) I say the whole family on "19 Kids and Counting"

  2. Ted Cruz is a slimy right wing nut job from Canada, who thinks he can be president of the US.