Monday, April 20, 2015

The Letter Q: The Queen Mum of the Alphabet
The Letter Q is a funny one. It's like the Letter O, but the boy version...if ya'll get my drift. It's also one of the more high maintenance letters, almost always having to be followed by the Letter U. Just go ahead and as U how annoying that can be. Go ahead, ask him. I dare ya. Anyhoo, here we are on Q-Day of the ole A to Z Challenge thingee-ma-jigger. Those still not in the know, just click on the big Q over there, and all will be explained. Now back to the Letter Q, the queeny old bitch that she is. 

Ah, the Letter Q. What a fun looking bitch. Like I said before, like an O, but with boy parts. The baby Q, the q, if you will, also happens to be one of the cutest of all the lower case letters. But let's get on with things, and discuss the Letter Q.

My ten favourite Q words, in no particular order are:
  • Quagmire: The difficult situation, the soft wet ground, or Peter Griffin's next door neighbour.
  • QuestLove: In all his big-haired, Jimmy Fallon assisting, drummers a-drumming glory.
  • Quizzle: Even though it is just a credit score website, it's a pretty freakin' cool word to say.
  • Quadragenarian: This would be a person between the tender ages of 40 and 49. Hey, that's me!
  • Quasi: Put this in front of any word, and that word instantly becomes all that much cooler.
  • Quiver: Be it Robin Hood or Hawkeye, Green Arrow or Katniss, a Quiver is always quiverlicious.
  • Quippery: The art of making quips has always been one of my strong suits, if I do say so me-self.
  • Quisby: This word for an idler, one who does not want to work, may very well describe me too.
  • Qwerty: And yes, this description of the standard Western keyboard IS an actual word!
  • Queer: Some say it's not PC, but it's used as a badge of pride by many in the LGBTQ Community.

And, in the land of pop cultury goodness (ya'll knew I would get here sooner or later), the Letter Q could mean anything from Q*Bert to Quicksilver. Growing up in the 1970's and 80's, as I did, the early video gaming boom was an integral part of my societal education. I spent many an hour at the ole arcade at Capital City Mall during my impressionable teenage years (back when malls still had arcades, that is) and one of my faves, along with Frogger, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Pitfall (and in later years, Super Mario III and Mortal Kombat), was a little game called Q*Bert. First released in 1982, Q*Bert was a game where you had to help the titular orange-snooted hero, make his way up and down and all around dangerous cubed pyramids. Q*Bert was a blast. He did seem to swear a lot though ... ya know, for a kid's game.

And then you have Quicksilver. Those who are comic book readers know of this arrogant, but ultimately heroic mutant superhero. Those who only know the Marvel Universe via the Marvel Cinematic Universe (aka, those big blockbustery motion picture extravaganzas), then you really won't know Quicksilver until The Avengers 2 comes out on May 1st. Yeah, he was in the most recent X-Men movie, but that's a whole different entity. Neither one is all that true to the comics (and the battle between Disney and Fox, over how each version can be portrayed, is rather ridiculous), but you will have this. In the comics, Quicksilver, aka Pietro Maximoff, is a mutant (and twin brother of Scarlet Witch) who began his comic book life as a member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, before switching sides and joining the Avengers. Eventually, Quicksilver would become a member of both The X-Men and X-Factor, and eventually find out that Magneto is not his real father, and that he may not even be a mutant at all. But enough of Quicksilver. What about Quantum and Planet Q?

Yeah, Quantum and Planet Q are part of another comic book universe...the place known as Smiley-Face Land. Smiley-Face land, published by Brain Tumor Comix, a subsidiary of The All Things Kevyn Entertainment Network, is a place created by yours truly, back in the Fall of 1989. Basically, it is a comic book world wherein smiley-faces live. And of course, there are superheroes and supervillains in this world. Heroes like Cap'n Smiley-Face and the Smiley-Face Guardians, Dr. Oddball, The Incredible Behemoth, Mega Man, and the Uncanny X-Smiles.One of these heroes (a founding member of the aforementioned Smiley-Face Guardians), is a guy named Quantum. An alien to Smiley-Face Land, Quantum comes from Planet Q, where he was born into royalty. His father is King Quesada and his mother is Queen Qaa. Meanwhile, his brother is the evil-minded Quarterflash. Planet Q is a wonderful place to vacation, as the Guardians have on occasion. Anyhoo, that is the (brief) story of Planet Q.

Well kids, there are a lot more fun Q-things to tally-ho on about, but we should probably wrap this baby up. So no talk about the greatly under-appreciated 1977 sci-fi situation comedy, Quark. No mention (other than this one) of the town of Quahog, even though we did mention a Quahog resident earlier in the post. Forget about Quiznos subs or any of the world's Queens (including the band). No talk of Quartets or Quasars or Quest for Fire or the Quatermass Experiment or anything that quacks. Nope, sorry, we just don't have time, although I would like to give a shout out to Qui Qui Musarra, Harrisburg Restaurateur extraordinaire, who will soon be part of The 11 Question Interview series. I would like to close by saying thank you to all those who are visiting my blog during the A to Z Challenge. I usually do not post posts such as this, tending instead to have more pop culture essays of sorts, but it is fun to do nonsense posts like these every once and a while, and the A to Z thang, with its alphabetized 26 day posting schedule, helps me do just that. That's it gang. See ya 'round the web...and in the funny pages. Now here's a picture of Quick Draw McGraw for you to enjoy.

Oh, and don't forget another Q-word. Quiz, which is like a poll, which oh so smoothly brings us to the poll that is currently going on at this blog. The poll is to see who everyone's favourite Classic Universal Monster is. So head on over to the poll widget thingee, found near the top of this blog's sidebar, and get your vote on. The poll runs through the end of the A to Z Challenge, so make sure to tell all your friends and enemies. Now, go ahead and enjoy that Quick Draw McGraw picture. See ya 'round the web.


  1. I love Quick Draw McGraw:) Your Planet Q and all the Q who live there sounds like fun. I love the word quiver. I just think of "I am all a quiver whenever I see Gregory Peck on the screen"