Sunday, April 19, 2015

People Who Need to Be Punched in the Face: No. 8
Here we go again kids! Everyone's favourite series here at The All Things Kevyn Entertainment Network. This edition, the eighth one so far, is a special A to Z Challenge edition. For those of you who do not know what the A to Z Challenge is, kindly click on the big P over there, and you will be taken to a place that should explain it all. For those of you new to the ole blog (many of whom are visiting for the first time as part of the aforementioned A to Z Challenge), this is basically just a place where I list people who I believe need to be punched in the face. I'm not saying I am going to punch any of these people. For the most part, if I met any of the more famous folks on the list, I doubt if I would punch them. For those on the list whom I know personally, I don't believe I have ever punched any of them in the face. No, I am not necessarily advocating violence here. I am just expressing a dislike for certain people. Not even dislike, as much of this list is quite tongue-in-cheek. Anyhoo, if someone else punches them because of this post (or any of my other posts) then that is their problem, and can not fall back on me because of this disclaimer: I am not advocating punching anyone in the face, nor inflicting any other kind of harm on anyone, even those vile scum who are the backbone of such a list. Nope. That's all on you. This list is just for fun, so don't get your panties all in a bunch. But enough of this babble. Let's get on with the show.

Tim Allen
Lena Dunham
Eddie Haskell
Roger Clemens
The Ghost of Honus Wagner
Those werewolves at Trader Vic's
Canadian-born Presidential candidate Ted Cruz 
That cocky Pillsbury Dough Boy
Pontificating Douche Nuggets
The Governor of Indiana
That bitch who kept texting Amy
Those two hipster wannabes in that Sheetz commercial
Martin Van Buren Haters
The cast of Boy Meets World
Spider Farmers
A-Rod Haters
Rand Paul
Anyone who would vote for Rand Paul
That anti-abortion asshole on 2nd Street
Two-Faced Mitchell
Guys with handlebar mustaches
Jim Cutler (the prick!)
Adam Jones
Grandpa Walton
Kevin James
Rachel Duncan
The Christian at Work
Keanu Reeves (added by request of Frank Henley)
Frank Henley (added by request of Keanu Reeves)
Everyone involved with Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Those not brought to tears by the new Star Wars trailer
The Reverse Flash
Wes Bentley
The Dread Dormammu
CAT Bus Drivers (most of 'em)
Those douches trying to push the Elks Theatre outta town
Fred Flintstone and/or Ralph Kramden
Those who are not amused
That chick from ESPN (you know the one)
The Irate Conqueror
Lena Dunham
Science Deniers
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Kirk Cameron
Robin Thicke
Leo DiCaprio
Tyrion Lannister
Godless Heathens!
Frank Costanza
Uncle Leo
Apple Bobbers
Mr. McGee
Chris Christie
Petty Officers, 2nd Class
Pretentious Hipster Restaurateurs
People who do not like Ford Mustangs
The Decepticons
That Vet who murdered her cat!
Comic Con Dealers/Flippers
All of Comcast
Bad Cops!
Hometown Mayors
Those pull my finger people
Mr. Furley's brother Bart
The Daleks!
Melvin T. Fenstermacher III
All those glittery Twilight vampires
Lena Dunham's fan base
Jackson Kelly & Kevin Alexander
Pietro Maximoff
David Ortiz
Tom Brady
Alan Smithee, Jr.
The Ghost of Calvin Coolidge
Marty Esworthy Deniers
Busybodies & Bumfuzzles
Those who ain't down with da funk
Disney World Haters!
Marco Rubio
Bobby Jindal
Yoyo Gregorious
Fox News Watchers
Bobby Birdfoot Bannister
 J. Jonah Jameson
Colonel Krangg
Open Carry Advocates
People who do not like the A to Z Challenge
All the folks at Hobby Lobby
Hipsters! Hipsters! Hipsters!
The Governor of Indiana (again!)
Rufus Dangerman, wherever he may be
People who prefer Frontierland to Adventureland
The guy who writes up these ridiculous lists each and every month

That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.

And please remember, if you have anyone who you would like to see punched in the face (for reals of for jest) please say so in the comments section, and I will try to work them into the mix next time around. It can be like when people ask someone to pray for a loved one...but,, not quite like that. Anyhoo, thanx for stopping by, and as I said above. That's it gang. See ya 'round the web. Now please enjoy this picture of Spider-Man punching himself in the face.


  1. I love this series! I agree with most of 'em, never heard of some of 'em, and I'd dispute a couple of 'em...but it's all in fun right? Yes I know the ESPN bimbo you're referring to--but I didn't know her until this incident. ESPN in general is just a joke. What did Honus Wagner's ghost do? And Adam Jones... the Orioles' Adam Jones? Did he beat your Yankees with a walk-off HR or something?

    The political ones--yes my liberal friend! 100% with you on those. Except I wouldn't punch Marco Rubio. He seems like a decent-enough guy. Wouldn't get my vote but wouldn't get my fist in his grill, either. Now Chris Christie, on the other hand...I wouldn't punch him in the face. I'd ninja-kick him in the gut!

    1. Ha! Thanx. Everyone seems to like this series. Funny, how it is the one to which I put the least effort. Honus Wagner? Nothing, I suppose. He was nice enough to be anti-tobaco, and stop the tobacco companies from producing cards of him, which makes his one card like the Holy Grail of baseball cards. That, and he was kind of a dick, but then nothing compared to Ty Cobb. I do happen to think that Wagner may be the greatest, or at least in the top three (w/ Cobb and Ruth), baseball player ever. So yeah, his was one of many that are just flippant silliness.

      To be honest, I would not actually punch any of these people. Though I would love to see you ninja-kick Chris Christie. Oh, and Adam Jones, yeah, he probably did do that to the Yankees, at one point, but his inclusion is because I was watching a Yankee/O's game while working on my list, and he got a hit or something. Nothing even all that special. Just felt like he should go on.

      Thanx for stopping by. And if ya have any good suggestions for the ole list, just let me know. Se ya 'round the web.

  2. So terrific as always-I get a kick about Lena whatsherface:) Please ass PM Harper Former mayor Ford and anyone who abuses animals-the bastards

    1. Consider Harper and Ford punched. They will be on the next list. And animal abusers are always "welcome" on this list.

  3. Punch em all man! Punch em all!!

    I gots me some additions. Howabout Carlos the pissed-off boyfriend. Or the Costa Rican Police Dept. Or that Howard dick from Portland. Remember him? Whatta douche!

    Okay, that's it. Maybe include the guy from eHarmony too. Bye bye buddy boy!