Tuesday, April 14, 2015

La-La & Lu-Lu: A Coupla Snarky Sonsabitches

Hello again, and welcome to L-Day at the A to Z Challenge. I know ya'll know what that is by now, but just in case ya don't, click on that big L over there, and find out all the pertinents and such. Now, since this is L-Day, we should probably talk about something in the L range. So, what better to talk about than La-La & Lu-Lu. What and/or who are La-La & Lu-Lu? Did you really just ask me that? Oh well, I suppose there are some who are unaware of the glorious existence of La-La & Lu-Lu. Well, here's the story, kids! Sometime in the Summer of 2013, shortly after I was brutally kicked out of my job running a local arthouse cinema, I was trying to find myself, as they say, and I began to lean toward the artistic side of myself. The more visually-artistic side of me, that is. So, I went about creating some comic strips and such. I did a few different strips, but the one that really stuck was a four panel strip, I titled La-La & Lu-Lu. So far, lo the past (almost) two years, I have done 44 of these bad boys (with a coupla big gaps in the process - yeah, sometimes I can procrastinate a bit), with the latest ones being released just this past weekend...and with more to come soon, as I find myself back on a La-La & Lu-Lu kick. 

The basic gist of the strip is these two guys, La-La & Lu-Lu, who live in a house and talk about funny pop cultury things. Sometimes it even gets a bit political, but mostly it's just fun stuff. You may also notice, that all 4 panels of the strip are exactly the same, with just the words changing. Some may say this is a cheap way to go about doing a comic strip, but if David Lynch can do it with The Angriest Dog in the World, then I can do it with La-La & Lu-Lu. Basically, I think of the strip as being the brethren of such strips as Bloom County, This Modern World, the aforementioned Angriest Dog in the World, and Zippy the Pinhead. In fact, I even did an homage strip to Zippy, which I sent to Zippy's creator, Bill Griffith. Lo and behold, Bill "Griffy" Griffith responded with nuthin' but praise. Howzabout that!? Anyhoo, here are my two most recent La-La & Lu-Lu's. Enjoy...or else!

If'n the above images be a bit too small for ya'll, you can always enlarge 'em. But hey, these are just the two most recent ones. To check out the previous 42, you can go to the Official La-La & Lu-Lu Tumblr Site, and check 'em all out! And hey, like I said earlier, there will be more coming on a somewhat (hopefully) regular basis, all of which will be posted on the very same Tumblr site. So, ya know, ya'll gonna wanna bookmark that bitch. Or you can just click on the La-La & Lu-Lu tab at the top of this blog. That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. Ha! that was funny, must follow more of the adventures.

  2. Oh La-La and Lu-Lu are just great

  3. Love the expression on the face of that ?chicken?

  4. Thanx gang! Glad ya'll like 'em. There will be more coming soon.