Saturday, April 11, 2015

J is for, I mean for Jeanette (Same Thing)

Hello and welcome to J-Day here at All Things Kevyn. As if ya didn't know already, I am participating in the A to Z Challenge this month, wherein I post everyday sans Sundays, and do it all alphabetically. All the boilerplate stuff about the event can be found by clicking on the big J to your right. Today, we find ourselves up to the letter J, and that means we are going to take a look at my lovely wife, Amy. Well okay, I'm kinda cheating here, but just a little. Technically my wife's first name is Jeanette, but everyone knows her as Amy - and not Nancy. If you happen to be a Beatles fan, that last line was hilarious. Anyhoo, we are here to talk about Amy, or Jeanette if ya'll wanna be sticklers for the alphabet. This little lady (5 feet and one half inch tall) has been my life, love, and my lady for seventeen years now...and that's after getting married just one month after first meeting each other. Howzabout dat!? Oh, did I happen to mention that today is Amy's birthday. Yup, that's right, it's National Doodle Day. Oh, Doodle (or Doodlebug) is my pet name for the little missus. So yes, today is National Doodle Day. But enough of all this David Copperfield crap (Oooh, Salinger reference!!)...let's get on with the Amy (Jeanette) festivities.

Amy was born on a mountaintop in South Central Pennsylvania. Really, she was. Here's some more inside info on the little lady. Once upon a time, when Amy was but a wee little thing, her mother (after some begging on wee little Amy's behalf) bought her a stuffed giraffe at the shopping center. Amy, being just a wee little thing (four or five maybe?), named her new giraffe, Giraffee. That's right, Giraffee (or is that Giraffey?) Anyhoo, as she grew up, people started buying Amy all kinds of giraffe stuff. Toys, stuffed animals, posters, candle holders, general knick-knacks, tea pots, lawn ornaments, hats, more knick-knack, paddy-wacks, and a slew of other giraffe themed items. Apparently, thanks to her Giraffey (or is it Giraffee?), every assumes she loves giraffes. So, now we have about 4,000 different giraffe items around the house (granted, most packed away in the attic and/or basement). Sure, Amy likes her Giraffeeeee, and that giraffe tea pot, and a wine holder, are pretty cool items, but still...basically what I am saying is that we should probably put a moratorium on the whole giraffe thing. Oh, and yes, she still has Giraffey, and yes, he does sleep in our bed.

So there ya have the giraffe side of things. Some other tidbits ya'll might not know? Well, Amy is a New York Yankees fan, and has been since I first made her watch a game back in 2006 or so, and she saw Johnny Damon play. The only other sport Amy ever gets into is curling every four years at the Winter Olympics. Well, that and she can outplay pretty much anyone at pool. In a non-sport way, Amy is into such things as Quentin Tarantino, Bob Dylan, French Cinema (and French anything really - and yes, she speaks French to), The Beatles, tofu dogs (yeah, you read that right), Marcel Proust, our puppy (named Marcy Proust), our 23 cats (okay, only four), Law & Order reruns, and any type of clothing with stripes. Oh, and Edith Piaf...but then she counts as the anything French thing. I could really ramble on and on for a long while about my lovely little missus. Maybe talk about how she can remember the outfit she was wearing on most particular days of her childhood, or how she still remembers her high school locker combo. Perhaps make mention of the day she was viciously attacked by some geese in the park. She was taunting them though. Howzabout her secret love of pink. Yeah, she claims she doesn't like pink, but all her pajamas are pink. Hmmmm. Or maybe how it was her original 8 Pez dispensers (she came into the marriage with them) that started our now near 2500 (and counting) Pez collection. Yeah, 2500, bitches. All started by my loverly little missus. Anyhoo, I'll cut things off there. Happy Birthday to my little Doodlebug. And even though I think Amy is cute as a freakin' button, she's never happy with any picture of herself. With that in mind, I will end with a pop art pic of my honey. Hopefully she'll be okay with that. That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. What a great tribute! Happy Birthday to your wifee:)

  2. Hello there.
    Thanks for sharing. Just making my way around the challenge.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

    1. Glad to have ya aboard. See ya 'round the web.