Thursday, April 23, 2015

Heavenly Body of the Week: Tatooine
Hey gang! Welcome to T-Day in the A to Z Challenge. Just yesterday, in typical meta fashion, I did an A to Z list inside the A to Z Challenge. Said list looked at the fan battle between Star Trek and Star Wars, each given their respective fair share (13 Star Trek entries and 13 Star Wars entries). Now here we are a day later, and after all the fair play yesterday, I go and show which franchise to which I am partial. Yay Star Wars!

Tatooine is actually the first planet we encounter in Star Wars. Tatooine is where we meet Luke and Ben, and later on, Han and Chewie. It is also the place where we come across Jabba in Return of the Jedi. The place where Boba Fett is devoured in the Sarlac Pit. Oh wait (spoiler alert) no he wasn't. It is also the planet where we get to see Princess Leia dressed in that iconic gold bikini. Yeah, baby! Tatooine is also the place where those stormtroopers found those droids they were not looking for, and where the funny little Jawa race, make a living selling those same said droids and their ilk. Tatooine may have also held a pod race or two, but who really knows if that ever happened. Have I mentioned Princess Leia in that gold bikini? I have? Good.

As far as the planet itself goes, Tatooine, which was once teaming with lush flora and vast oceans (at least, that is what I am told), is mostly a desert these days (or at least a long time ago). It is full of lots of species, such as the Sand People (aka, Tuskan Raiders) who are the native and fierce nomadic race of the planet, the Hutts, who are just big ugly slug creature crime lords, and those aforementioned little Jawas. The planet also has two suns. Did I mention that? Yeah, two freakin' suns. Sure, other planets have more, but when you live on a planet with just one lousy sun, two is rather exciting. Anyhoo, let's just say that Tatooine, thanks to being the place from where Luke and Anakin hail, and where Han and Chewie first met the gang, is probably the most iconic place in the Star Wars Universe. So there! Star Wars wins. Two suns!!

That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. I have to say one of my favourite moments from this film is when Luke ventures out after being told he can't join the force and the music swells and you see him with the 2 suns. It was a quiet moment in a film with few quiet moments

  2. Ah yes, that skyline with the two suns... Sigh.

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

  3. A beautiful image, indeed. Glad to see others who love it so.