Thursday, April 16, 2015

Heavenly Body of the Week: New Earth

Hello gang, and welcome to N-Day in what has been called The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge (all the boilerplate stuff can be found by clicking on the big N right over there). This being N-Day, and this also being the day allotted for our weekly Heavenly Body check-in, we are here to take a look at a planet known as New Earth.

But let's back up a bit. You see, there is this show called Doctor Who. You may have heard of it. It does have a fifty plus year history after all. Anyhoo, even with this fifty plus year history, I had never seen an episode until just a few weeks back. Yeah, that's right. Strange as it may sound, it took me until my 47th year to finally watch a show that I always assumed I would love once I finally saw the damn thing. So here we are a few weeks after seeing my first episode, and several dozen episodes in (yup!), and voila...I'm a Whovian, first grade! My fave doctor is the Tenth Doctor, aka David Tennant, and I love love love Karen Gillan as Amy Pond (who doesn't though), but she hangs with the Eleventh Doctor, who I like too, but just not as much as #10. Then there's also the older doctors (the show ran from 1963 to 1989, before going on hiatus and rebooting in 2005), and especially Tom Baker's #4 (the guy with the scarf), but now I am getting away from the original subject of this post. We are here to celebrate New Earth. So let's discuss that, shall we?

New Earth, which first appeared in the same titled first episode of series 2 of the rebooted series (the second episode with my doctor), is the new planetary home of the last remaining the year 5 Billion or so. There are cat nuns, a woman who is only a stretched face on a rack, and eventually some really bad pollution problems. There is also a place called New New York, which is actually the fifteenth New York, so it should be New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York, but anyhoo...there ya have Doctor Who's New Earth. Enjoy!

That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. I remember watching Dr Who when I was a kid with Tom Baker and the dreaded Daleks. I never got into Dr. Who but my niece did and she is also a lover of Tennant

    1. Tennant is great. He kinda dresses like me as The Doctor too. I would just add some argyle sweater vests into the mix.

  2. Think I'll hold out for God's new earth. That one just sounds creepy.
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    1. Oh, this one started out as a paradise, but as with most paradises, it went all corrupt and kablooey. It is covered with beautiful and sweet smelling apple grass, though.