Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Brief History of the Letter V, Not to be Confused w/ the Letter U

So, yesterday, we took a quick and mostly unnecessary look at the life story of the Letter U. It was a rather sad story, as the poor Letter U has had a hard life. You can read all about it right here. But that was then, this is now. Welcome to V-Day, and a brief history of the Letter V.

The Letter V, even as a small little pointed letter v, back in the so-called Dark Ages, was always a gigantic pain in the tuckus. Growing up on the rich side of town (as opposed to the little u being from the wrong side of the tracks), the arrogant Letter V grew up to believe himself to be above all other letters, but especially his arch-rival, the aforementioned hapless poor little u. One time, Mr. V even went so far as to push poor U down a spot on the alphabet, making it go...S..T..V..U..and so on. Eventually (thanks to the French Academy, I am led to believe) this unprecedented usurping of roles was remedied, but even so, the Letter V (which does stand for Victory, dontchya know?) has always been regarded as the more important letter. Even the makers of Scrabble believe this to be oh so true. Yes, it's an ugly tale, but a true tale nonetheless. That damn V gets all the credit, while poor little u is stuck playing second banana (or second fiddle, if you prefer) to Q in almost every damn word.

So this post (and the one from yesterday) has told the story of a coupla letters. One with an easy life, the other with a difficult one. Granted, these last two posts haven't been my regular milieu (my faithful readers and true believers know full well about my pop cultural ways), but then, to be part of the A to Z Challenge, one must make some allowances. So I wrote a coupla silly nonsense posts for the occasion. Hope ya'll enjoyed 'em. Actually, it doesn't really matter if ya'll like 'em or not. There they are either way. Anyhoo, tomorrow we will be getting back to those aforementioned pop cultural ways of mine, with a little look at a TV show by the name of The, the Walking something-or-other. Guess we'll find out tomorrow. For now...that's it gang. See ya 'round the web. Now here's a pic of everybody's favourite Vulcan. Enjoy.