Sunday, March 22, 2015

The 11 Question Interview Goes Local

So, everyone remembers the 11 Question Interviews I did last year, right? Actually I did six last year and then a seventh earlier this year. These were interviews done with the elite of the show biz world. People like Bill Griffith, creator of Zippy the Pinhead, Richard Kline, TV's Larry from Three's Company, and Sal Piro, founder and president of the Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club. Hell, I even scored an interview with Robbie Rist, aka Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch. So yeah,, these were the elite of the show biz world. But alas, the well of these high profile celebs has temporarily dried up. Basically, this is due to many of my queries going unanswered. For every Richard Kline that agreed to be part of the fun, there were another dozen or so who just never responded at all. I'm talking to you Dawn Wells, and to you Gary Sandy, and to you Erin Moran! And I'm still waiting to hear from former punk rock jailbait turned chainsaw artist, Cherie Currie too! Anyhoo, even though these big name stars have chosen to ignore my pleas, I do have other equally big name stars possibly set to go in the future. For now, their names shall remain undisclosed, but I assure you they are coming to this very blog beginning again in April.

But in the meantime, I've gone and taken The 11 Question Interview local. Meaning that I will begin showcasing celebrities from my hometown of Harrisburg, Pa in new interviews. These interviews, still consisting of the same type of silly James Lipton-esque questions, will be exclusively published at a local blog called Today's the Day Harrisburg, run by fellow blogger, Tara Leo Auchey. My introduction for this new locally based exclusive series can be checked out right here. It gives all the why's, where's, and what for's. Slated for this series are several local musicians, including one who actually made it onto MTV back in the day, the city's poet laureate, an infamous local DJ who has been accused of some shock jockdom in his day, several big wig restaurateurs, the Maestro of the 'Burg's sympony, and a slew of other local celebs of varying occupations and inclinations. And speaking of local celebs deserving of recognition, the first one of these exclusive interviews is now up and running over at Today's the Day Harrisburg. This inaugural edition presents the great and talented Clark Nicholson, one of the guiding forces behind the local theatre scene in Harrisburg, and boss man of the Harrisburg Shakespeare Company. His interview can be read right here.

So there ya have it kids. The 11 Question Interview has gone local. More will be coming at a once every two or three week pace, all exclusively over at Today's the Day Harrisburg. You can keep track of 'em on my Index Page (always linked in the tabs just below the blog's banner) under Celebrity Interviews, and, as always, on my Facebook page (go ahead and friend request me!). For now (but only for now), that's it gang. See ya 'round the web. Here's the skyline from the aforementioned hometown.


  1. Nice 'Burg ya got there.... and a great idea taking the 11 questions theme to local personalities. Clark Nicholson had some great answers - and even though I'm far from a social butterfly I've often dreamed of my wife/gf organizing a surprise bday party for me. Of course, in my dreams I have enough friends to fill a 'party' haha.

    I think I saw your name on the A to Z challenge sign up sheet- are you participating this year? Will you have a theme?

    1. Thanx. Yes, I will be doing the A to Z thang...but no theme...or actually my theme is being anti-theme. But yeah, I'm a-doin' it.