Monday, March 16, 2015

People Who Need to Be Punched in the Face, 7th Wave

And here we go again with everyone's fave regular series here on the ole blog. And why wouldn't it be everyone's fave? Who, at one time or another, hasn't wanted to punch someone in the face? I think we can all agree that such a notion has come across our mind on more than one occasion. Perhaps we never act on it, nor would we ever (sometimes) but the thoughts are still there. Don't try to deny it.  No one would ever believe you, anyway. After all, this isn't my most popular series for nuthin'.

Ya know, there have been a lot of famous punches throughout history, from Ali and Frazier to Superman and Batman to Crystal and Alexis to that time Buzz Aldrin punched out that guy who accused him of faking the moon landing (that Buzz Aldrin guy rocks!), but today, let us celebrate punches in the faces by showcasing the picture to the right, of Abraham Lincoln punching a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the face. That Lincoln guy is pretty rockin' too, huh? Now there's a cage match. Honest Abe vs. Buzz Aldrin! Anyway, enough of the introductory stuff, let's get on with the punchin'.

Tom Berenger
Lena Dunham
Creeps & Losers
House Flippers
Dissident Sea Mammals
Eddie Redmayne
The Ghost of Martin Van Buren
Teddy Cruz
Jebby Bush
Ricky Santorum
People who don't like this post
Coldplay fans
Bill O'Reilly
Brian Williams
Christian Grey
Butterhead Jones
That douchebag Lt. Governor in Texas
Afton Elaine Burton & Craig Hammond
The Christian at work
Billy Joel
Johnny Paycheck
Ann Coulter (of course)
Tucker Carlson
50 Shades of Grey fans
 Glom Gazingo
Guys named Phil
The Slug & the Sluggette
Fun Bobby (when sober)
People who use the term Bae
Dr. Henry McCoy
Dr. Gregory House
Dr. Pepper
Aiden Monroe
Sir Percival
Michael Moore
That lying bitch on the GPS!
The management of the Warwick Hotel
Parents who say their child has Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Anyone who thinks Lena Dunham is talented
Kaiden the Sociopath
Porch Dick Pete
Dr. Ben Carson
Netanyahu & his 47 Senatorial Ronin
Ashton Kutcher
Robin Thicke
Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA)
Fans of Pig Fucker Rock
Cock Blockers
Mean Mr. Mustard
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR)
Chachi Arcola
Ford Fairlane
People who do not like Mahler
Justin Jedlica, aka the Human Ken Doll
Pennywise the Clown
The New England Patriots
The Dallas Cowboys
The Philadelphia Eagles
Oh Hell, let's just say the entire NFL
Tony Stark
Dave Mustaine
Big Bird
Layla Deeza
Paul Nicheems
Devin Edbrards
People who interfere
The American Family Association
Kegel Face
Count Tyrone Rugen
Tim Burton
The State of Alabama (except for Biff and Harper)
The person in charge of continuity on Friends
Old Porkchop Jefferson
Harrisburg Hipsters
Tobey Maguire
Teacher's pets
Jesse Pinkman, Bitch!
Big game hunters
Anyone who disses Buzz Aldrin
All Meninists, every one of them
Whoever said kale was a snack food
Kitchen Interlopers
Flax Seen Enthusiasts
Anyone who prefers Shemp to Curly
Dean Cain
Stephen Baldwin
Troy Aikman
James Belushi
Roger Clemens
Vincent Gallo
All those Shark Tank people
The Dutch
Andrew Lloyd Weber
Wayne Rogers
Patricia Heaton
Thin Lizzy
Franklin Delano Rosebud
The Koch Brothers
The "Geniuses" at the Apple Store
Lena Dunham
Arthur Spooner
Crazy Katy & Carl the Mandolin Player
David Byrne
The editors of the New York Post
Bodybuilders, aka Lunkheads
Black Manta
The folks at Toy Wars
Everybody Loves Raymond Fans
Nicholas on The Walking Dead (the bastard!)
The guy who typed these words

That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. I do enjoy these posts-you can add my horrible cold to this list

  2. Wow, you still have such hatred for that Lena Dunham bitch. Oh yea, I guess I do to. Nice list. David Byrne. Dean Cain. Vincent Gallo. Robin Thicke. Those anti-vaxxer assholes!! Punch all of those child-abusing ass-hats!

    1. Yeah, you may claim to be a feminist, but that doesn't mean you like others who claim to be of the same ilk. And yes, they are child abusing asshats!

  3. Vincent Gallo is a God amongst men and frankly he would kick your ass