Friday, March 13, 2015

My Obligatory, But Still Quite Heartfelt Anniversary Post

The date was March 13th, 1998. Yes, it was a Friday the 13th. The place was a justice of the peace office in New Cumberland, Pa. The thing that was happening was the marriage ceremony of myself and my lovely wife, Amy. Neither of us wanted any big wedding. She wore a Doors t-shirt, I wore a Beatles t-shirt. Our one and only witness, Amy's old school chum Dawn, was on her lunch break from work, so she was actually the only one dressed what one would call properly for such an event. The judge, who reminded us both of Harry from Night Court, got his robe caught in the door on his way in. When he asked if I will, I said yes. When Amy was asked, she said I guess so. It was a great start. Of course, we had only known each other for about a month at this point. 

Now cut to today. The date is March 13th, 2015, and yes, it is another Friday the 13th. Amy and I are celebrating our seventeenth wedding anniversary. Evidently there is no traditional gift for the seventeenth anniversary (they break it down to every five years once you hit fifteen), but modern day wedding people say it is furniture. I'm pretty sure neither of us is buying the other a couch or end table today. We're pretty set in that department anyway. Perhaps dinner instead. And we can eat that dinner on furniture, so that can count, right? Sure it can. Many of our friends at the time, both hers and mine, had bets going on just how long this marriage between near complete strangers would last. I think even the two of us may have joined in on the betting. But here we are, seventeen years later, and with all our own furniture. Howzabout that!?

So there you have it, kids! The touching true story of two near complete strangers, defying all logic, and making all the odds-makers cry. The story of me and the greatest significant other for whom anyone could ever hope. Did I also mention how we each came together with matching decorative glass heads and glow-in-the-dark Charlie Manson t-shirts, reading "Is it hot in here or am I just crazy?" Yeah, we did. The shirts have been a bit outgrown (we're not as young and lithe as we once were) but the decorative glass heads still adorn a bookcase in our sitting room. I just wanted to write up this little post to tell everyone how much I love my wife of seventeen years. She jokes around at how I would be living on the streets today if she hadn't come along. I know it's just a joke, but she could be right. I owe her everything. Maybe I'll get her an ottoman after all. That's it gang. See ya 'round the web. Enjoy these anniversary spirals.


  1. Happy Anniversary! One just knows when we meet the right person so congrats to both of you

    1. Thanx for the congrats. Been a fun ride. I think the anniversary spirals say it all.

  2. Congrats your adorable kids! You two need to visit me in NYC and let the celebration begin.