Monday, February 23, 2015

The Oscars 2015: NPH in His Undies, A Short Film Oscar Win For My Puppy, Lady Gaga Does Julie Andrews (and Freakin' Nails It), & Birdman Wins the Night...Even If Michael Keaton is Robbed!

So here we are again, kids. It's the day after The Oscars, and it's round-up time-a-go-go!! So let's get started. First off, I would like to make note of my prediction rate. I was hoping to finally snap my record of 19 for 24, a record I've managed to do thrice in the past 16 years since I began keeping records, and get to that elusive 20th correct prediction. Alas though, I only managed to match that record of 19 victorious picks, and not to surpass it. So now, after seventeen years of keeping track of my predictions, I've gotten 19 on four separate occasions. Mostly I've hit 18 (10 times), an twice did 17, and once a measly 16 right. That was a bad year. Anyhoo, this year it was just 19, and like every other year, I second guess some of my second guessing. Should I have gone the other way on those few that were a toss up? Well of course I should have, but that's a moot point at, point. So let's move on.

Even though I enjoyed NPH (that's Neil Patrick Harris for all you unkool kids out there) as host, I've seen him do better (just watch him host the Tony's), there were no "big" moments like there were last year with Ellen Degeneres. There were no moments like last year's pizza party or group selfie. But still, there were some knock out moments on stage. The speeches of Patricia Arquette (equal pay!), Common & John Legend (slam poetry!), and Graham Moore (stay weird kids!) were all remarkable moments, indeed. NPH doing his Birdman shtick in his tighty whities (and lookin' damn good in'em) was another fun time. And then there was Lady Gaga, killing it, singing songs from The Sound of Music. I've always like Gaga (she's friends w/ Yoko, and that's just alright with me) and always knew she was talented, but damn did she ever surprise me (and the whole room, I think) with that performance. Hell, she even made Julie Andrews cry. So yeah, there were some great moments.

As for the outcome, Birdman took 4 Oscars (Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, and Picture) and I am alright with that. The top award was always between Boyhood and Birdman, and they are respectively numbers two and three on my list of 2014 faves (behind just Inherent Vice), so either outcome would have been okay with me. It was disappointing to see Keaton lose Best Actor though. Yeah, Redmayne was good as Hawking, but Keaton knocked it outta the freakin' park. But hey, ya can't have it all. We got Inarritu winning 3 Oscars. We got Patricia Arquette and J.K. Simmons. We got Ida taking home Best Foreign Language Film, and we got Best Animated Short Feast, a six minute film about a puppy who looks like and acts like our own puppy at home. Now if only I had picked Big Hero 6, I would have had my elusive 20th correct guess. Oh stop that! Anyhoo, that's about it for my recap. Here's looking forward to Guillermo del Toro taking home teh Best Director Oscar next year for Crimson Peak, making it three Mexican-born Oscar winners in a row. That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. Great to watch Oscars even though NPH sucked. Ga-Ga was great. Loved Graham Moore's speech but I am one who would have preferred the song to go to the Glen Campbell song. Oh well, hopefully a better host next year. Actually it is the more the writers forgetting NPH is a song a dance man not a comedian

    1. Yeah, poor NPH. He's usually so good at this kinda thang.