Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Hacking of The Walking Dead Poll (Way to Skew It All Up!) and a Brand New Poll to Let Me Know Just What You Think of Me

So, I went and posted my new poll, the one where you were asked to pick and choose your favourite character from The Walking Dead TV show. I figured Daryl would win, but it was going to be intriguing to see who everyone would choose for second and third and all that jazz. At least I thought it was going to be intriguing. That is until someone went and hacked the poll. Well, okay, they didn't necessarily hack it in the traditional sense. By the way, I love that there is a traditional sense of something like hacking. Anyway, I digress. You see, the way the poll works, is that I can allow people to vote more than once. You can vote once every day, and from as many different servers as you have (home, work, phone, friend, Starbucks, whatever). I figured this way, folks could go and vote for second or third place if they wanted, or maybe stuff the ballot box for Daryl or Beth or the Governor. But yes, some ballot box stuffing did go on. But it went on for the three least likely candidates. Father Gabriel, Rosita, and Tara, all kept getting votes. Nothing against these three, but they are the most underdeveloped characters on the show, or at least of the choices I gave to you. So underdeveloped that I almost did not include them. So yeah, someone decided to give these least likely candidates a bit of a boost, which totally skewed up the results. 

Let's face it, Daryl won, with Rick, Carol, Beth, and Michonne all battling it out for the rest of the top five. I suppose though, we will never know. I mean, I am all for performance art and all that kind of thing, but it is a shame that we never found out how the voting would have really gone. But alas, we will never know. Of course, if I had only been able to get this poll out to the masses, instead of just my small corner of the cyberworld, there may have been thousands of votes, and the skewing would not have mattered. I did try to do that though, sending my poll link to Chris Hardwick and AMC and the Talking Dead, as well as, as many fan sites and pages as I could find. I tweeted that bitch all up and down the Twitterverse. But still, no one bit. Ha, walker humour. Seriously though, no one bit. If Hardwick had simply retweeted my poll, it would have gotten tons of coverage. The prick. He's never answered any of my queries to write for The Nerdist either, but now he's gone from there anyway. But still, none of the editors ever respond either. Anyway, I digress once more. Oh, and even with this skewing of the results, there was still no love for Lori, Andrea, Dale, Sasha, Bob, and Eugene, as they never even received a single vote. Ah well, it's time to move on with the new poll.

I will be doing my annual Oscar poll once the nominations are announced in January, but to fill up the polling space between now and then, I am tossing out a poll that is all about me. Well, technically it's all about my blog. You know, All Things Kevyn. The blog you're on right now. Yeah, beginning today, and running through Midnight EST (ish) on Monday January 12th, you can select just what you think of this blog. How ya'll like dem apples!? That's right, you get to vote on how good or how bad, how wonderful or how horrendous, this blog is. So get on over there and get your vote on. The poll will only run for one month (well, a few days shy of a full month actually), before we move onto the aforementioned Oscar poll coming on January 15th. The results of this silly little pol will be announced on Tuesday, January 13th, the day before my final set-in-stone Oscar nomination predictions are announced. So get on over there and vote. Time is already running out. Oh, and to the hacker who might have a desire to stuff the ballot box with the worst rating of my blog (and hey, you know really love me!) this poll will allow just one vote per person. No voting every day on this one. This is far from a scientific endeavor, and I'm sure some will vote a certain way just to be silly, but it would be nice to know just what everyone thinks of the work I'm doing here at All Things Kevyn. Maybe Chris Hardwick doesn't care, but hopefully you do - even if it's caring enough to tell me how godawful this blog is. Anyhoo, get your vote on. Let me know whatchya think. That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. That sucks that someone did this to your blog poll. Now I shall make my vote...I would rather watch a Jenny McCarthy flick than Kirk Cameron...welll both are horrid:)

  2. Yup. I am sure this new poll is just asking for trouble. Many will vote in the lower ranks just to be silly. Still though, thanx for voting better than that.