Monday, December 29, 2014

On Life as a Pop Culturist & Spreading the Word of Pop Culturism

Ever since I was a wee thing, I've always been fascinated by all things pop culture. I was a little TV addict growing up. I loved movies and comic books. When the time came around, I began to love video games as well. As a kid, I was surrounded by everything from The Partridge Family to Star Wars to The X-Men to Space Invaders to the punk, and later new wave, music scene. As I grew up, my tastes may have grown as well. In the late 1980's I found myself becoming a true cinephile, as I discovered foreign films and classic Hollywood. My comic book love went from mere superheroes to books like Love and Rockets and Bone and the work of Robert Crumb, though that superhero love was still there, but moved more into the realm of Frank Miller and Alan Moore. My TV watching would also mature, so to speak. Yeah, these days I still love me a cheesy old sit com, but shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Orphan Black have come into my world as well. My musical tastes have wondered into other areas (Jazz and Blues) but actually still have quite the punk sensibility. Granted, the video game aspect has fallen out of favor, as I ended those days with Mario Brothers - today's games being too realistic for my liking. Give me Pac Man over Halo any day. But I digress. Enough about my qualifications as a pop Culturist, and onto just what it's all bout.

Basically, what I am saying here (or better yet, what I am babbling on and on about) is that I love pop culture. hell, I even get a kick out of the antics of those lesser beings on the celebrity strata. Yeah, you know of whom I speak. Anyhoo, I love me some pop culture, but it is more than a mere love. It is more than the love of a boy and his favourite TV show or movie or song or what have you. This goes deeper than all that. As a kid, I used to make notebooks and notebooks of various lists. Best movies, TV shows, comic book characters, and so on and so on. This habit has not changed, but it's different today. Now with that good ole world wide web, I can send these lists out to anyone who cares to look and/or listen. Sure, the interwebs have caused a dumbing down of the culture. Yes, you can look up near anything, but because of this, no one need actually learn anything any more. That part is kind of sad, but otherwise, the web has done wonders - for me at least. I've been blogging for more than a decade now (my first website was once found on Geocities - yeah, it's been that long) and all those lists and other pop cultury things running around in my brain, can now be set free for all to see. I can list my occupation as Writer or Blogger or Critic (all of which I do call myself) but at the heart of it all, I am a Pop Culturist, and as a Pop Culturist (and yes, these things do need to be capitalized!) I find it to be my duty, my gods given duty, to spread the word of Pop Culturism. So that is what I am doing with All Things Kevyn, the veritable hub of the All Things Kevyn Entertainment Network. I am a Pop Culturist, and this the Word.

Like the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Church of the SubGenius before it (not to mention other made-up things like Christianity and the ilk), we now have the Church of Pop Culturism. Many people, the ones of a so-called higher brow of entertainment (and you know who you are you snotty sunsabitches!), may say that Pop Culture is mere fodder for the masses, but I'm here to tell ya, it is not! From the flighty flights of reality TV to the deep subconscious of the Nouvelle Vague, it is everything! From the Fonz to Lou Reed, from King Koopa to the undead denizens of Riverdale High, from the heights of Superman to the depths of Batman, from Lady Gaga to Quentin Tarantino, from Sideshow Bob to the actual sideshows of Tod Browning's classic Freaks. Yup, all of this, and much much more. From Zippy to La-La & Lu-Lu. From Pez Dispensers to chicken wings (yeah, chicken wings), from Don Draper to Lion-O to the bromance to Angry Birds to Long Duck Dong to teenage fantasies of Martha Quinn to the Red Wedding to commercials about cavemen to Charlie and Star to George Clooney and Sandy Bullock floating around in space to the Virgin Mary pop sculptures of French arteest Soasig Chamaillard (see pic at the end of post) to Todd Chrisley's obvious predilections to songs about fucking famous authors to people who need punched in the face to Smoke Monsters, Wacky Wobblers, Bob's Burgers, Pre-Code Cinema, Debbie Harry, Riff-Raff & Magenta, Murphy Brown, the Goth Movement, the actual Visigoths, Boo Fucking Radley, and even the godsdamned Slinky, Pop Culturism is all around and all-encompassing. It is the Word, and the Word is damn good!

Like JT brought sexy back, I am bringing back the awesomesauceness of true Pop Culture. No longer is it mere cheap theatrics, though that is still a part of it all. No longer is it relegated to the bargain basement of the so-called true culture. Hipsters and test patterns be damned! Pop Culture is my religion and I am its messenger, handing out the Word to you all! Magneto was right...and so am I. That's it gang (for now). See ya 'round that aforementioned world wide web. And check out the rest of Mlle. Chamaillard's virgins here. Keep the faith!


  1. I did a pop quiz yesterday and I did the best on Pop Culture! I suck at Science. I loved the old slinky commercial. Did you ever see the Star Wars Christmas Special? It is truly sad and I am certain Harrison Ford would like to forget he was in it-contractual or not

    1. Have I ever seen the Star Wars Holiday Special!!??? Hell, I own the damn thing!!! granted, it's a crappy VHS copy, but I still own it. So suck on that George Lucas!!

  2. For "non-realistic" video games, the independent games movement has really expanded the variety of games. And, some guy making a game by himself doesn't have the budget to make a realistic 3D environment.

    Realism is usually a positive for me, but a few recent ones that are not realistic from my library:
    Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble(kind of like a board game)
    Knights of Pen and Paper(you play as the characters and dungeon master in a tabletop D&D game-pretty meta for a video game)
    Monster Loves You!(you grow a monster)
    Papers, Please(you play an immigration officer in a Eastern European country)

    I know there are a lot of independents that make games using engines similar to NES or SNES(I liked one where you played as Cthulu, who'd been stripped of his powers and needed to become a "Hero"). There are probably groups of similar independents for the Atari generation.

    Of course, with the increasing variety, games can be a major time sink. A lot of adults rarely finish games, because you have less free time, and then another cool new game comes around. Ten years later, you haven't beaten most of the games you've played.

    1. Glad to hear from ya Charles!

      Yeah, nothing against the graphics and modern realistic games. They are not bad per se, just not my thang. Give me Frogger or Missile Command any day. 8-Bit or Die!!!

      Seriously though, my main reason for not partaking these days is that I need, need need to complete them. I become like a demon possessed. Nothing else matters. So yeah, there's that.

      Thanx for stoppin' by. See ya 'round the web.

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