Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Some Supposedly Annoying Stuff That I Actually Like

Yeah, many might call the people and things spoken of in this post, a bit on the annoying side. Hell, some might call them downright annoying as all get out. And yes, these folks might just be right in their assessment (sometimes), but hey, I like 'em, and I'm not about to apologize for it! So, without further ado, let's get to these aforementioned so-called annoyances. Huzzah!

All About That Bass - Yes, this is one of these Macarena, Barbie Girl, Don't Worry Be Happy kinda songs. The ones that get stuck in your head, whether ya like 'em or not. But ya know what? This one doesn't get on my nerves like it does many others. First of all, from a musical standpoint, it is high and mighty over most of the pop music of today. Taking from the girl group sounds of the 1960's (a sort of poppy, lesser Amy Winehouse), Meghan Trainor's number one hit single, and matching pink-hued hit video, is not only musically fun, it is also an anthem of sorts, to the idea of positive body image. With lines like "I see the magazines workin' that photoshop. We know that shit ain't real" and "You know I won't be no stick figure silicone Barbie Doll" and "'Cause every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top," the song is actually a good message to young girls who see such ridiculous standards of the perfect body in movies and TV and magazines. I must admit that I am not much of  a fan of Trainor's other songs (at least the ones I've listened to), but this one has a beat I can get into, even without the positive message. So whether or not you thing this seemingly overplayed hit song is annoying, you gotta realize that it is indeed, all about that bass. Now shake it like you're supposed to do.

Shia LaBeouf - Yeah, he was a Disney star, but so was Ryan Gosling. Yeah, he did all those Transformers movies, and that is never a good thing. And yes, his recent (as in the past year and a half or so) antics may even top the previous two things in their inherent annoyance levels, but hey, I think the guy's kinda fun. Putting aside that LaBeouf is actually a talented actor who hasn't gotten the recognition he deserves (check out Lawless, Nymphomaniac, and Fury) due to some hilariously bad acting choices (did I mention those Transformers movies yet?) I enjoy the guy for his aforementioned recent antics alone. Trying to channel Joaquin Phoenix and his meta-derived breakdown a few years back (and there's another good candidate for this post, but his acting prowess washes all the crazy away), Shia has gone seemingly batshitcrazy for the folks watching at home. Yes, it probably is mostly an act, like Phoenix, but some of his obvious mental derangements may be a real life thing, and the guy just decided to go for broke with his already happening possible breakdown. From wearing the bag over his head to his snarky tweets aimed at other celebs to his performance art installations, it's been a long (well, not that long) strange trip indeed. And not to mock real mental illness (he may not be faking...maybe) but I really have enjoyed Shia's antics. So much so, that I have even set up a Facebook page commemorating the actor's performance piece. Said page can be found at S.L.A.P.: The Shia LaBeouf Appreciation Party page. 'nuff said. Moving on...

2 Broke Girls - In today's TV world, some may even say the New Golden Age of Television, the old school, multi-camera situation comedy is thought to be a lesser form of entertainment than the hipper, and admittedly often wittier, single camera comedies around. In other words, shows like Modern Family and Veep are better (and cooler!!) than shows like The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. Granted, this may be true (besides, most shows are better than Two and a Half Men), but that doesn't stop a show like the quite silly (and not really all that hip or cool, no matter what it thinks) 2 Broke Girls, from becoming what one might call my guilty pleasure TV show. Now, I don't necessarily believe in the idea of guilty pleasures. If I like something, no matter how hated it is by others, I am not about to feel guilt over such a thing. I like it, get over it. So, I suppose that means 2 Broke Girls is my guiltless guilty pleasure. Reminiscent of those long gone old school cheesy Three's Company-esque sitcoms of the 1970's and 1980's, but with a more freely sexual attitude (ya know, censors change and all), 2 Broke Girls may very well be a stupid, poorly written piece of garbage in some people's minds, and on some level they may be right (its constant barrage of jokes and one-liners are nothing more than mere retreads from other shows - jokes and one-liners you can see coming so much that you can pretty much say the lines with the characters), but I enjoy the hell of the stupid thing. Plus it has Kat Dennings at her bitchy, snarky best. Gotta love sarcastic bitches! I know I do. And no, that was not meant as an insult, but instead as a compliment. Get over it. I think Dennings would be fine with that descriptive. Huzzah to 2 Broke Girls!!

Carl Grimes - Granted, in season one, and throughout most of season two, Carl was a huge pain in the ass to pretty much everyone else spending the opening weeks and months of the Zombie (don't use that word!) Apocalypse with him, not least of all, his suffering (and insufferable) mother. I mean really, the damn kid wandered off all the freakin' time. It's a fucking Zombie Apocalypse people, keep a better eye on your child!! And yes, these stupid wandering off antics ended up getting Dale killed. Fuckin' little brat! but then something happened in season three. Suddenly Carl was no longer the bratty kid wandering off, but an integral part of the group's walker-killing strike force team. Hell, he became such a badass that he even went above and beyond the call of duty, killing the living as well as the dead. Yeah, he's no Daryl or Carol, but the kid has gone from annoyance to asskicker, which means I now like Carl Grimes. He reads comic books, hangs with "big sis" Michonne, eats as much damn pudding as he damn well pleases, and all while kicking major walker ass. Hey, and he had to kill his mother too. He even tried a few playah moves on Beth. You go Carl, you go boy. And this is just the TV Carl. In the comics he is even more badass. He kills Shane (and not just after he turns, like on the show) and he even loses an eye, and as everyone knows, eyepatches rock!! - well, at least in fantasy. So there ya go, all my reasons for liking the once annoying as hell brat known as Carl Grimes.

Yoko Ono - And now for the big showstopper!! Yeah yeah, I know. many claim that it was Yoko who broke up The Beatles. Really!? Really!?? My lovely wife has a theory that the day John Lennon had to put his name to Ob La Di Ob La Da, was the true beginning of the end of The Beatles. I prefer my wife's explanation to anyone thinking Yoko split up The Beatles. It just seems more reasonable. John loved her and so do I. She is a very unique artist and a talented songwriter. Okay, perhaps her singing isn't up there with Judy or Babs (yeah, that's right...and I'm straight too) but I like that too. The lady has a punk aesthetic. She always has, and even now, at the tender age of 81, she's still got it. From the bed-ins to The Plastic Ono Band to the Two Virgins photo shoot to Grapefruit and her experimental films to Strawberry Fields in Central Park, Yoko rocks, and always has!! My wife and I occasionally play on pub trivia teams, and we are always named John & Yoko. And we are kinda hated, because we almost always win, but I digress. So many people hate Yoko. I mean really really hate hate hate the lady. I just don't get it. I for one would love love love to hang out with Yoko Ono. Hell, you'd be an idiot to not want to hang out with Yoko Ono. So there!

I'm sure there are many other people, places, and/or things with which other people are greatly annoyed while I like and/or love 'em, but I think we'll going to cut me off right here. Ya can't top Yoko!Maybe I'll do another post like this and include things like the movie Ishtar or the acting prowess of Nic Cage or the joke, my favourite joke (and voted worst joke evah!): What's brown and sticky? A stick!! Who knows? That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. I enjoy that song-it's fun. I had no idea that Shia was so hated until the last 4 months and who cares as long as he can act and gets help. Yoko could never break up the Beatles unless there were probs already so people need to get over it. I like her and she rocks for being 81.