Friday, October 24, 2014

The 11 Question Interview Presents Rachel Bloom

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of The 11 Question Interview, wherein I pose eleven esoteric questions to various equally esoteric personalities. Here we go...

So here we are doing our second edition of The11 Question Interview, and this time around we are pleased to have Rachel Bloom with us. Rachel who, you ask? You have not heard of Ms. Rachel Bloom? Well, shame on you. Ms. Bloom is a talented comedy writer and a woman on the verge of big things. She has written for Robot Chicken as well as voice work for both Robot Chicken and Bojack Horseman. Heck, she's even made an appearance on an episode of How I Met Your Mother. But what Rachel Bloom is truly famous for these days are her music videos. The toast of YouTube, Rachel has created some rather hilarious videos, the most notable one being "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury." Yeah, that's right, and it's a Hugo Award nominated video at that. If you want to check out Ms. Bloom's videos (and you really should want to), they can all be viewed oh so conveniently at her own YouTube channel. I must say that "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury" is the best video about wanting to have sex with a famous author, that I have ever seen. Seriously, it is. Anyhoo, as I was saying earlier, Rachel Bloom is a woman on the verge. As we speak, the writer/singer/actor is doing a pilot for Showtime, called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. But for now, let's just get to those 11 questions.

Update: Ms. Bloom is currently the Emmy Nominated & Golden Globe winning star of the CW show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Pretty kool, huh?


If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, which animal would you want to be, and why?
  • My dog, because I would want to be scratched on my belly by myself.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  • I wanted to be pretty much what I am doing right now except married to Macaulay Culkin and living in a world in which animated characters were sentient.

Who was your first celebrity crush?
  • Alan Rickman in the movie, Dogma.  For many years, my ultimate fantasy was to be with an older British man who didn't give a fuck about me.

If you could choose one person from throughout history, real or fictional, to have a beer with, who would that one person be, and why?
  • Benjamin Franklin, because I think he would really appreciate all the dead baby jokes I learned in high school.

If you were on that proverbial desert island, and could bring just three things, what would those three things be?
  • The Harry Potter series, my laptop, and Chapstick (because it's a desert island).  If each book in Harry Potter counts as one thing, then I would bring The Prisoner of Azkaban, Half Blood Prince, and Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them.

If they made a movie of your life, who would play you?
  • Eddie Murphy - he's so versatile!!

With which cartoon character would you most like to trade places?
  • Jessica Rabbit, because I've always wanted to have sex with an animated rabbit (for more info, please see my answer to what I wanted to be when I grew up).

If you could choose your own nickname, what would it be, and why?
  • When I was in elementary school, I tried to get everyone to call me Ray-J. It didn't stick. I would choose that.

What would you expect to see written on your gravestone?
  • Rachel Bloom - SAG Eligible

If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you have, and why?
  • I would have thousand island dressing because my ultimate goal is to travel to all 1,000 islands on planet Earth. That's where that name comes from, right?

If you could choose any two celebrities, from any time period, to be your parents, whom would you choose?
  • Stephen Sondheim and Leonardo da Vinci. Two gay genius dads?! Yes, please!!!

I want to thank Rachel Bloom for being here today. Again, her videos can be found on YouTube. You might also want to check out Ms. Bloom's official website, Rachel Does Stuff, or maybe even follow her on Twitter. I'll be back sometime soonish, with a brand new, I mean interviewee for the next installment of The 11 Question Interview. That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. I love this lady! I kind of also love her somewhat questionable love for animated sexual partners.

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