Sunday, October 5, 2014

My 200th Post Here at All Things Kevyn

Hello faithful readers and true believers, and welcome to my 200th post here at All Things Kevyn. Yeah, I know, the post title already said that, but it's worth repeating. So, welcome to my 200th post here at All Things Kevyn. Yup, that's right. 200 posts. Well, actually, 200 is a bit of a misnomer.

You see, as some of you may already know, this ain't my first blog. Actually, my online presence began way back in 2004, with a website called The Cinematheque. This was an honest-to-goodness website, complete with me teaching myself HTML, and not a blog. So, I decided to set up a companion blog to go with my film review site. That blog had several different names over its nine month existence, but the one that stuck was Film Lovers R Sick People (gleaned from a quote by Francois Truffaut). This blog had 113 posts. After this I went back to just writing all my film-related stuff on The Cinematheque, until the Fall of '09, when I decided to do the whole companion blog thing again. This would become the blog known as The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World (this time taken from a quote by Jean-Luc Godard) and eventually this blog would cease being a companion, and become my main source of writing, taking over full time after I closed the doors of The Cinematheque. This blog would have 849 posts, before it too would close its doors to make way for the very blog you are reading right now.

So with just those two, we are close to 1000 posts. Add in my Brain Tumor Comix blog (that is my comic/cartooning website, by the by) as well as all the guest posts and reviews and such I have done for other blogs (ComicSpectrum, Forces of Geek, Anomalous Material, The Geek League of America, to name just a few) and we are over 1300. Toss in the 200 here, and we are over 1500. So howzabout that? Yeah, so the 200 blog posts here are just the tiniest tadger of what I have written (read: rambled and babbled) on the world wide web. Willy Wonka above knows how fascinating my life must be. But since we are here at All Things Kevyn, and not at one of those other aforementioned blogs, we will celebrate the 200 blog posts, and leave it at that. But alas, there really isn't much else to say on the subject, so perhaps we should discuss something else. Howzabout we look at what I've been up to lately? That's not too self-serving, is it? Well, it is my blog after all, so I'm going to say no. Anyhoo, I digress.

As we celebrate my 200th post here at All Things Kevyn, there are indeed, a lot of other things going on in my world. The most major one, intellectually (or whatever) speaking, is my eventual book. For those of you who happen not to know, I am writing a book. It is called "Forgotten TV: 101 TV Shows You Probobly Don't Remember" - or something like that. It's a book on 101 TV shows that time has forgotten, either unfairly, or for good reason. Anyhoo, one can read all about it right here. I hope to have it ready for publication in early 2015. Other things that will be coming up here at All Things Kevyn, the hub of the All Things Kevyn Entertainment Network? Well, after a bit of a self-imposed exile, I will be back reviewing comic books for Bob Bretall over at ComicSpectrum this coming week. It's going to be on Batgirl #35, for those who care about such things. I also should probably get back to the array of top tens I have written for Jeff Carter over at the GLA, or Geek League of America, if you will. I haven't popped one of those out in well over a month, and I'm about due. There will also be a brand new regular feature popping up here soon. To go along with fan favourites such as "The Alphabet Game," "The Great Recasting," and "People Who Need To Be Punched in the Face," a new segment called "The 11 Question Interview" will be rearing its head sometime over the next month or two. What is it? You'll see.

Well, that's it gang. See ya 'round the web. Oh, but before I go, to celebrate my 200th post (that is the reason we are here today), here is a picture of Rowdy Roddy Piper in the 1988 John Carpenter cult classic, They Live - just after the guy ran out of bubblegum. Why? Why not! Happy 200th post!!


  1. Congrats on the 200 blog post for this blog! I enjoy reading your this blog with your non-judgemental, in-biased, rated G language ramblings on film, TV, comics and other such funstuff (my eyes are rolling-keep the attitude coming!! as I love it). I just thought of a TV show i watched and was sad it left too son...Operation petticoat with Richard Gilligan! Now whatever happened to him eh?

  2. Hey, no matter how many posts you've written here, there, and everywhere, congratulations on your productivity!

  3. Aw shucks. Now I'm blushing.

    B - I assume you are speaking of Richard Gilliland from the short lived Operation Petticoat TV series (77-79). He is mostly a stage actor these days, with the occasional TV guest spot.

    Thanx for stopping by. See ya 'round the web.