Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Comic Books With Which I Share a Birthday & Other Geeky Stuff

Before I get going on my inevitable comic book rantings and ramblings, I should probably mention that this post is a blatant rip-off of a post done recently by Bob Bretall, comic book collector extraordinaire (and freshly minted Guinness Book of World Records holder), over at his blog, ComicSpectrum, for which I have written a number of comic book reviews. Actually, it would probably be better if I said this post was inspired by Bob's post, instead of a rip-off, but let's face it, it's a blatant rip-off. Anyhoo, the whole idea of this ripped off post, is to take a look at the comic books with cover dates that match my own birth date. Below is an image, of my own making, with a collected cover gallery of some of the bigger named comics that share a birthday, or at least birth month, with yours truly. Below that, is more of my story (please remember, it's all about me), so be sure to keep scrolling down, for lots more really cool stuff.

So that's the whole idea. You see, Bob checked out the comic books published during his birth month (March 1962) and wrote about what he found, so I ripped-of...er, I mean I was inspired, and followed suit by checking out the comic books published during my birth month (July 1967). Now actually, these comics are not necessarily the ones published during my birth month (comics are typically published several months prior to the date on their covers) but the ones with cover dates that match my birthday. But you get the idea. And yes, you can do the same thing by heading on over to Mike's Amazing World of Comics, and searching their database for any specific month in comic book history. Anyhoo, back to me, and those July '67 cover dated comic books.

There are some fun titles in here, but only one stands out as being a seminal part of comic book lore. That is the Amazing Spider-Man #50, the "Spider-Man No More" issue. I read somewhere that one of these, in mint condition mind you, once sold at auction for in excess of $600,000. Even one in good or very good condition, we are talking $100+. Not that I am trying to put a monetary value on the comics, for I do not like that aspect of collecting, I am just trying to say that I probably could not afford to buy one of these today, unless it is in not so great condition. Now, in his post, Bob talks about owning several of the comics from his birth month. I, on the other hand, do not own 94,000 some comic books (I did say he was in the Guinness Book of World Records), and have not been collecting non-stop since I was 8, so I don't actually own any of the issues in the above slew of July '67 titles. The oldest comic book I own is Lois Lane #105, from October of 1970. I am sure I will add older comics to my collection (the bulk of my back issue pile-up, hail from the late 1970's through the 1990's) but for now, none of these are mine. Perhaps I will pick and choose a more reasonably priced issue from the above pictured batch, and track down a copy of it for my collection. Somehow, that one issue will make me feel better about not having a big a collection as some people.

And speaking of old issues I do not own. The first comic book I ever remember reading and getting into (there were no doubt, many a Disney of Gold Key comic before this) was X-Men #98, waaaay back when I was but a lad of eight. I found this issue on a spinner rack in a local grocery store, while shopping with my mother. Yeah, this was back in a day where you could still find comic books on spinner racks in local grocery stores. This was the comic that got me started in my love of the comic book, and my love of the superhero. If one were so inclined, one could read about this love at this post. As for the comic book itself, I read the crap out of that thing. I remember the cover coming off at some point. Yeah, I did not know how to treat my comics back then. I am not sure whatever happened to that copy of X-Men #98. Back in the 1990's, I sold a bunch of my comics, but that one was gone long before that. Who knows? Maybe I will replace it someday. I could probably get a relatively good copy for around $50 or so. Probably. Then again, perhaps there is some mystery benefactor who will secretly buy me a copy. Yeah, okay. I digress.

To close this birthday comic post out, let me switch up topics, and talk about a brand new collection. You see, comic books are not the only thing I collect. I happen to have close to 2500 Pez dispensers at home. Yeah, that's right. The little missus and I have even attended several Pez conventions. So there. I also collect old timey movie star cards, some from as far back as 1919 even. There are also several binders full of business cards on my shelves. I used to collect TV toys, a collection that includes, among other items, a pair of Fonz tights, a Welcome Back Kotter chalkboard, and a Love Boat toothpick holder (yeah, that's right), but I had so many different collections, I had to cut some of them off, so now most of these toys sit in bins in my attic. My Welcome Back Kotter trash can does still sit next to my desk though. There also happen to be a bunch of shot glasses, snow globes, and other various cheezy souvenirs hanging out on a shelf at home. So yeah, I have other collections, though it is the Pez and the comic books that reign supreme. And now, I have a brand new collection. Well, it's kind of related to the comic collection, but it is still a new wing of said collection.

Just the other day, while at my LCS (local comic shop, for those not in the know) I picked up an Eaglemoss DC Comics figurine of Buddy Baker, aka Animal Man. But what are these Eaglemoss figurines of which you speak? Glad ya asked. Eaglemoss is a UK company that has released many a superhero and fantasy figurine. These are lead figurines, hand-painted, and are mostly 4 inches or so, but there are larger ones like The Hulk, and then even larger ones, such as Galactus or The Watcher. These were put out over the past decade or so, released fortnightly, with an accompanying magazine. There are over 250 Marvel figurines and 150+ DC ones. Due to the relatively cheap prices of these (granted, some of the limited edition figurines are a bit pricey), and how cool looking they are (check out my Animal Man above), this is a fun collection to get started. I'm sure it will take me a long time to get 'em all, but that is the fun of collecting. I hope to add a couple more to my budding figurine collection soon. I have my eye on some on e-bay as we speak. Anyhoo, that is my new collection news. Wish me luck, or whatever one might wish someone when embarking on a new collection quest.

And now, before I sign off, and tell ya'll that I will be seeing you around the web, I would like to once again make mention of Bob Bretall, and his influence on this post. Well, at least the first half, before I started rambling on about my new Animal Man figurine. Bob is not only a Guinness Record Holder (check out the hoopla right here) but also the most knowledgeable person I know, when it comes to the subject of comic book history. As far as his record shattering collection goes, I hope to one day have even a fraction of what this guy has. Seriously, check out all the great photos of his collection over at his website. Great stuff. I have recently been a bit lackadaisical in my comic book reviewing duties at Bob's site (working on my book has been taking up a lot of my time) but hope to get back to a ready stream of reviews very very soon. Right now though, I am going to head over to e-bay, to see if there are any reasonably priced copies of those July 1967 comic books. That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. You one upped me my putting 24 comics all in one image!
    Now I feel like making a bigger one myself :-)

  2. Ha! Yeah, I had it at 12, but the image didn't fit all the way across the post, so I had to double it.

    Now I just need to find some of the books from that image, so I can grow the Silver Age section of my collection (now at just a dozen books) to match the Bronze and Modern Age sections.

    Thanx for stopping by. See ya 'round the web.

  3. That is quite the poster of the comic books. i could see that hanging on your wall. The one that looks out of place is "MIllie":) All the others look super hero like(even Jerry Lewis in French eyes I guess). I didn't know you like Glamour -a-Go-Go:) I collect shot glasses and have some cards of old film stars but would love to see yours. You should post some up here. Oh and Animal Man loves funky glasses and has the required ..um...bulge:)

  4. I love Millie. I also collect old Dell, Charlton, Gold Key, Archie, and Disney comics as well. And yes, that is quite the bulge on Buddy Baker. His power is to take the attributes and abilities of the animals around him. There must be a horse nearby.