Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fantastic Fab Four: Your Favourite Beatles Album & A Brand New Marvel Comics Superhero Team Poll Coming Your Way

Looks like our official Beatles Album Poll has come to an end, which means we have ourselves a winner. With the band's thirteen official core albums in the race, it was actually a pretty hotly contested... um, contest - well, at least it was a hotly contested contest between two of these thirteen albums, with a third ensconced, seemingly forever in the bronze medal spot. The other ten just kind of hung around while these two (or three) battled it out for the top spot. In fact, a few of these other ten kind of just laid there and did pretty much nothing at all. You see, this was basically a race between Revolver (my favourite) and The White Album (my lovely wife's fave), and it was a race all the way to the bitter end. In that bitter end though (and it really wasn't all that bitter), after 130 votes were cast, it was Revolver edging out The White Album, by one lousy vote. 32 to 31, or 25% to 24%, for the more statistically-minded folks among the crowd. As for that aforementioned inevitable bronze medalist, it was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band that would take that honour, as that album rode out the entire race in a solid (but never too solid) third place. That was enough to garner it 22 votes, or 17%, if you would rather. Then we have fourth and fifth place, again a battle waged race between Abbey Road, the eventual fourth placer, with 15 votes (12%) and Rubber Soul, with 12 votes (9%). So this all means that my five favourite Beatles albums were the five top vote getters here. In fact, my sixth favourite Beatles album, Let it Be, also came in sixth place, with 6 votes, or 5%. After Let it Be, seventh place went to A Hard Day's Night (5 votes or 4%), eighth place to Help! (3 votes or 2%), and ninth place to With the Beatles (2 votes or 2%). After this we get Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine, each with one vote. Then ya have the albums, Please Please Me and Beatles For Sale, each garnering exactly zero votes. Poor guys. But, as they say (whomever they are), dems da breaks.

Anyhoo, with The Beatles poll over, it's about time we get to talking about the new poll here at All Things Kevyn. As you have probably already figured out from the post's title and/or the images included in the post (unless you are really really bad at guessing games) our new poll is all about the classic superhero teams over at Marvel Comics. Anyone who knows me, or anyone who follows this blog, should already know my love of comics - especially those of the so-called classic period (aka, the good old Silver and Bronze Age of comics) of my youth. Basically, I've tossed all the superhero teams that were running around the Marvel Universe back in the day (ie, before 1990), and made a poll out of it. That's where you come in. So, who were your favourite Marvel superhero teams from the Silver and Bronze Age? Is it the Fantastic Four, the team that started it all? Or maybe it's those Uncanny X-Men that have your mutie-lovin' blood a-boilin'. Perhaps you're more an Avengers kinda person, or perhaps an Avengers West Coast kinda person instead. Or could it maybe be The Defenders, the team that was never really a team, that got your superhero worship a-worshipin'? Howzabout one of the X-spinoff groups, like X-Factor, or Excalibur, or maybe The New Mutants? Perhaps you are really an old school Marvel fan, and choose to root root root for The Invaders. Then there's always those who would champion The Champions. Those people do exist, don't they? Oh, and then there are those who might vote for the reality hopping Squadron Supreme, or maybe the original (pre Rocket, pre Groot) Guardians of the Galaxy or maybe those X-related space pirates known as The Starjammers. And we shouldn't leave out Sgt. Fury & his Howling Commandos, even if they don't have any super powers, per se. Perhaps there's even some love out there for those heroes from up North, Alpha Flight, or maybe those heroes from way up North, like The Inhumans of the Moon (that's North, right?). Oh, and I suppose I should throw Power Pack in there too, just to be a completest and all. And while we're at it, what does everyone think of The Legion of Monsters? Yeah, that's right! A slew of great and classic superhero teams from a time in Marvel Comics' history, when there were not sixteen different Avengers teams and 24 different X-Men teams. But I digress.

So, there ya go. Now all you have to do is head on over to the poll (found oh so conveniently near the top of the right hand sidebar) and get your vote on. This poll will run for five weeks, ending at midnight EST the night of Wednesday, July 9th, with the results (and the announcement of a brand new poll) being posted on July 10th. You also have until then to let everyone you come in contact with know about our little poll here at All Things Kevyn. So share share share. We'll pretty much accept any type of geek 'round these parts. The more the merrier. As for how to vote, let me tell ya. Sure, you can give your choice in the comments section below (and I do encourage comments, so comment up galore - I'll love ya forever for it) but for your vote to actually count (no hanging chads here!) you must go over to the poll itself, which to reiterate, can be found oh so conveniently near the top of the right hand sidebar (really, ya can't miss it) and do what you must. It's easy peezy, lemon squeezy. You can also check out the running results over there as well. Then after you vote, feel free to hop back over here and comment away. Remember, I'll love ya forever for it. So, with all that said, get on over there and get your vote on - and tell everyone you know to do the same! And let's try getting those vote totals up from the measly 130 votes tallied with our Beatles poll. I just know we can get that total up past 200, or even maybe 300. Imagine that! Anyway, I'll be back here on July 10th to letchya in on the results. Of course I will be around lots in between now and then as well, so try to keep up. Ya know ya wanna. For now, get out there and get your vote on! That's it gang. See ya 'round the web. Here's one final Beatles/Marvel mash-ups for ya to enjoy. Now get over there and vote vote vote. And tell all your friends too.


  1. I stuck with Sgt. Fury's Howling Commandos even during a three-year period I'd dropped almost all superheros, so maybe I should list them. However, I was a relatively faithful fan of the early X-Men, and started with the new group at Giant-Size X-Men #1, so maybe I should include them instead, since your poll carries us up to the 1990s. Hmmmm...

  2. I love Super friends, Gargoyles and Thunderbirds-they're not there:) but maybe we are stretching it a bit with The Thunderbirds. I have to give it to the X-Men. Let's face it we all have been asked.."If there was a power you could have, what would it be?"

  3. Thanx for taking part in my latest poll. My vote went to The Defenders. My first loves were the X-Men of the early Phoenix era (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, Banshee, Colossus, Nightcrawler - X-Men #97) and The Avengers of the same era (Cap, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Wasp, Yellowjacket, She-Hulk, Beast, Wonderman, etc), but looking back now, my fave is definitely The Defenders. Love Son of Satan, Valkyrie, Gargoyle, Demonslayer, Hulk, Surfer, Dr. Strange, Nighthawk, Namor.

    And my superpower would be the same as the aforementioned Miss Grey...but without the pesky Dark Phoenix stuff.

    See ya 'round the web.

  4. Now here's a poll. I can't decide! I can't decide!! Defenders? Guardians? Legion of Monsters!? X-Factor? Alpha Flight? Yarrrrrgghhhhhh!!!

  5. I didn't get into reading superhero comics until I was an adult-not much spending money as a kid. This was way before libraries had comics. As an adult, I've liked the more recent versions of the classics.

    I'd want the ability to time travel. I could go into the future and get lots of future superpowers. Not to mention all the other uses.

  6. Glad to have ya back Charlie.

    I remember as a kid, first falling love with X-Men and Avengers, and then as an adult, The Defenders. When I look back now, I find myself drawn to the more horror based Marvel comics of the Bronze age - and that comes through in my collecting habits. I find myself searching out Wolfman and Colan's Tomb of Dracula, and other comics such as Werewolf By Night, Man-Thing, Morbius, and Howard the Duck. Yeah, he counts! I suppose I could feasibly see myself casting a vote for the Legion of Monsters. Hell, the way that Pollcode does their thang, we each get to vote once a day from each server we have (home, work, and phone for me), so maybe I will cast a vote for the Legion, even though I already voted for The Defenders. I guess it's the Chicago-esque, vote early and vote often way of doing things.

    See ya 'round the web. And in the funny papers.