Saturday, May 3, 2014

Free Comic Book Day is Filthy Socialist Propaganda!!

No it isn't, but that post title got you to read this, so there. You done been lured. Sorry to trick you like that, but I think we all know you had it coming. But anyway, back to the non-filthy Socialist propaganda known as Free Comic Book Day. Actually, what Free Comic Book Day really is, is a day of joy and fun for all the comic book readers and collectors out there. Okay, perhaps it is also a way for comic book companies to shill their wares (well, that certainly ain't Socialist, now is it?) but we are already waring their shills (wait, what?) so we are already hooked like a mofo, anyway. Free Comic Book Day was originally the brain child of Joe Field, owner of Flying Colors Comics in Concord, Cal-eee-forn-eye-aye. Field wrote a column for Comics & Games Retailer magazine, and in the August 2001 edition of said column, in said mag, he proposed the idea for a free comic book day. The following May, Free Comic Book Day was initiated, coordinated by Diamond Comic Distributors, and is still going today, on the first Saturday of May - usually coinciding with the release of a major comic book movie (this year, The Amazing Spider-Man 2). Each year, all the comic companies, big and small alike produce special Free Comic Book Day exclusives, usually promoting something big in their respective catalog, and we, the comic book buying public get free stuff. This year, a local born self-published writer/artist is even giving away some of his new book at my LCS. To go along with these free books, comic shops around the globe (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and The Netherlands have all joined in on the fun) also offer up sales galore (10¢ comics! 10¢ comics! 10¢ comics!) as well as special guest and creator signings and the like. Basically, it's a fun-for-all extravaganza at your local comic shop. So there ya go! Oh, and now they have added a Halloween Fest to go along with Free Comic Book Day. Popping up on the weekend closest to Halloween, this event works the same as FCBD, only with a more Halloweenish flare. I know I will be attending Free Comic Book Day at my LCS today - an awesome place called Comix Connection, with two locations, for your comic book buying convenience.

So, for all you filthy Socialist scum out there (and you know who you are), today is your day to get all your socially-mandated handouts and free stuff - free stuff that you never worked for dammit, and that you probably don't deserve. This is one of those liberal-minded, pinko commie bastard give-aways that make this country such a terrible place to live. Hell, we already have more than enough freeloaders living off the system around here, and this Free Comic Book Day is just adding to such freeloading mentality... okay, okay, I'll stop with all that right wing rhetoric. We all know I'm a big pinko commie myself. Who the hell am I kidding? Free comic books for everyone!! Comic Book readers of the world unite!! But enough of this malarkey! This is a day to celebrate the comic book! And what better way than to talk about my history with the comic book. Yeah, it's all about me. Hey, this blog is called All Things Kevyn, so get over it, and read on. Anyhoo, my own history with comic books is a rather sordid one. Sure, I read comics as a little kid. Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, maybe some Archies as well. I was young and cannot remember so long ago. But it was in the Spring of 1976, at the tender age of eight, that I remember going to the local Weis grocery store, and picking up a copy of X-Men #98. Yeah, that's right, this was before their were local comic shops everywhere, and places like grocery stores still sold comics.Anyway, I read this X-Men #98, knowing absolutely nothing about this superhero team. By the time I was finished, I was hooked. There was a tough little guy who had claws coming out of his knuckles. There was a pretty red head who could read minds and a brash Irishman who screamed like a mofo. A guy who shot lasers out of his eyes. A demonic looking blue guy and a big metal guy too. They were in space and there were giant robots after them. Fun stuff. The following year I would be introduced to The Avengers. Then The Defenders, Dr. Strange, Daredevil, The Fantastic Four, Howard the Duck, Werewolf by Night, Tomb of Dracula, Dazzler, Nick Fury, and so on and son on. Obviously I grew up a Marvel Kid, but later I would delve into DC as well - but that would be much later.

I would eventually tire of these comics, and between 1983ish and 1988ish, I would not read or collect all that much. I would get back into comics in 1989, and would start collecting again as well. This ran through 1996, when I got into other things - mainly a lot of drinking and a lot of drugging. I would sell off most of my collection at this point, which was probably a stupid thing to do, but alas, nothing I can do to change that now. Later on, now clean and sober, I got back into reading comics around 2001 or so. Over the next dozen or so years, I would on and off read comics. At this point it was mainly in trade paperback editions, or later, digitally. But also at this time, I was finally delving into all those DC comics I ignored as a Marvel Kid (and Marvel Adult). Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, and all that good stuff. This was also the time I began getting into Image Comics. Damn they have some good stuff there, huh!? Saga, Fatale, The Manhattan Projects (pictured to the right - sorta), Pretty Deadly, Rat Queens, Sex Criminals, Deadly Class, Nowhere Men, et cetera and so on. Many (though probably still not enough) of these new books are now being written by women. Gail Simone, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Amanda Conner, and so on. This brings a whole new voice to the comic book world. But this is a topic that deserves it's own post - a post that will be coming your way within the next month sometime. Anyway, just this past Christmas time, I decided to start collecting again. Both new releases (I'm still a Marvel Kid, but there are quite a few DC, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, and others in there now as well) and back issues. I even have a quest. That quest can be checked out over at one of my satellite sites, appropriately titled My Daredevil Quest. But it ain't just The Man Without Fear that I collect. My other favourite back issue titles right now are The Defenders, Tomb of Dracula, Uncanny X-Men, Wonder Woman, Miracle Man, anything Plastic Man-related, The Brave and the Bold, old school Avengers, ROM: Spaceknight, New Mutants, Dr. Strange, the Superman offshoots of Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, the original Marvel Star Wars run, Justice League Europe, Howard the Duck, and anything Spidey. So yeah, I'm back into comic books, and am starting to rebuild a collection. And today is Free Comic Book Day, baby! Go get your comic book on at your local comic shop. That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. I was a big-time comics fan growing up, and well into my adulthood. Haven't been reading new stuff but love the Digital Comic Museum!

  2. Whew for a moment there I thought you might have a shrine with candles, a portrait of J. Edgar and a pink tutu to remind you of him in all his glory. I have to say I do not collect comic books but I do love the genre and would watch (even now when I get the chance) the comic adventures on TV. Loved the X-Men and in the 70's there were the superheroes-I can't recall the name of the comic but it was Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and 2 others that have escaped my memory banks. I am still waiting for Aquaman to make a splash(get it-hahaha) on the big screen. I know he looks like a Ken doll and can't do much out of the water but hey-I think he is cool. Oh and Love The Tick!

  3. Thanx for stopping by. There's some really good stuff out there in the comic book world these days.

    B - That sounds like the Justice League to me (or Superfriends if you want to go Saturday morning cartoon on us). And Aquaman can still kick ass, when out of water. So there.

    See ya 'round the web.

  4. Thanks _I forgot what they were called and need Aquaman in a movie