Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beam Me Up Rocky Raccoon: Your Favourite Star Trek Captain & the Beginning of Our Brand New Beatles "Best Album" Poll

Hello faithful readers and true believers! Today is the day we announce the winner of our Star Trek poll AND kick off our brand new Beatles poll - all in one handy-dandy post. So let's get on with it, shall we? First things being first, let's see who you chose for your favourite Star Trek Captain, as after an elongated eight week polling period, we finally have a winner in said Best Star Trek Captain Poll. As was to be expected, this five way race, was actually a two-way battle from moment one. With Janeway and Sisko battling it out for an inevitable bronze medal, and poor Captain John Archer barely able to see the finish line from his oh so distant last place pacing, this was always a race between Kirk and Picard. No one could have ever thought otherwise. But, which one you may ask, the visceral Kirk or the cerebral Picard, did end up winning this battle? Good question. The answer is (drumroll please)...

Captain James Tiberius Kirk! I think this was inevitable, really. Sure, like I said, it was a battle between Kirk and Picard from moment one, but at no time during the eight weeks of this poll, did Kirk ever relinquish first place. Picard was always a vote or two (or in some cases three) behind his predecessor. Yeah, it was a race, but still, Kirk was always just a little ahead in said race. The final tally, out of 151 votes, was Kirk 57 votes (or 38% for the more statistically-minded among you) and Picard 56 votes (or 37%). A close race indeed, but never too close, as far as Captain Kirk is concerned. As for that aforementioned bronze medal, again it was a race, but never too close of one. Captain Kathryn Janeway, of Voyager fame, ended up winning that bronze medal, beating out her Deep Space Nine compatriot, Captain Benjamin Sisko, 20 votes to 13 (or 13% to 9%). Then ya have poor Captain Archer. It is of course, no surprise that the least seen of the Trek shows, has it's captain coming in an oh so distant last place. Just 5 votes (or a lousy 3%) for the poor guy. Ah well, somebody has to come in last, right? But enough of all this Star Trek Captain's rambling (I sure can ramble, huh?), it is time to move on to our brand spankin' new poll. So let's get to that, right after this wonderful Yellow Enterprise flies by.

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far away from the Federation of Planets (yeah, I know, I'm mixing metaphors here - so be it) it is now time to kick off a brand spankin' new poll. This one, as I am pretty sure you have already figured out from the title of this post, if not from the opening few lines of said post, is all about those lovable lads from Liverpool. This new poll will decide which Beatles album you think is the best and/or your favourite, whichever way you wish to spin the thing. Now I know what you are saying. Aren't there like a hundred different Beatles albums? Well technically, there probably are close to a hundred of 'em (88 actually) but once you take away the live albums and all the compilation albums, only thirteen of these count as core albums in the band's discography. These are the twelve official UK studio albums (Capitol Records bastardized the earlier ones of these for their US releases, making the band quite angry) plus their one self-made US soundtrack for their equally self-made Magical Mystery Tour TV movie/special. So, all you have to do is choose which of these thirteen core albums is your fave.

Is it their 1963 rock & rollin' debut, Please Please Me, or it's follow-up, With the Beatles? Is it their smash hit soundtrack to A Hard Day's Night, or maybe Beatles For Sale, the first of their edging toward maturity phase? Howzabout their other smash hit soundtrack for their film Help!? Or maybe it's 1965's Rubber Soul, the first of the band's truly mature work in both a musical and a songwriting sense? Then you have Revolver and Sgt. Pepper, the two albums that are most often listed as the Band's best work (and the two that I am guessing will battle it out for first place over the next five weeks of this poll). Then you have the aforementioned Magical Mystery Tour, which is followed by the album simply titled, The Beatles. Of course you know that one better as The White Album. Is this double album your favourite? It's my lovely wife's favourite. I can tell ya that. What about Yellow Submarine? Is this giddy pop album your fave? After this, we have Abbey Road and Let it Be, the final two albums from the greatest band to ever set foot on stage or in a recording studio. Which one of these thirteen core albums is your choice?

So, this poll will run for five weeks, ending at midnight EST the night of Wednesday, June 4th, with the results (and the announcement of a brand new poll) being posted on June 5th.  So you have till then to figure out which album is your favourite Beatles album. You also have until then to let everyone you come in contact with, know about our little poll here at All Things Kevyn. So share share share. The more the merrier. As for how to vote, let me tell ya. Sure, you can give your choice in the comments section below (and I do encourage comments, so comment up galore - I'll love ya forever for it) but for your vote to actually count (no hanging chads here!) you must go over to the poll itself, which can be found oh so conveniently near the top of the right hand sidebar (ya can't miss it) and do what you must. It's easy peezy, lemon squeezy. You can also check out the running results over there as well. Then after you vote, feel free to hop back over here and comment away. Remember, I'll love ya forever for it. So, with all that said, get on over there and get your vote on - and tell everyone you know to do the same! I'll be back here on June 5th to letchya in on the results. Of course I will be around lots in between now and then as well, so try to keep up. There will also be a Beatles-related Top Ten coming up during the poll (sometime in May) and you do not want to miss that. For now, get out there and get your vote on! That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. Love all the Beatles/Trek mixes. As far as the poll, I'll have to take a pass. I was there (although only 7) when they first hit these shores, and for a favorite LP I'd pick one of those bastardized US releases you mentioned since they're how I came to know the group.

  2. I would have voted for Picard and it would have been even steven. Did you ever hear William Shatner's album? What about Leonard Nimoy? It is so, so sad. Shatner SINGS like HE Talks:) hahahaha. Poor Archer would be last but I would have placed him second and last would have been from Deep shit 9. Oops did I say that out loud??:) Oh The Beatles-hard to pick as their albums are great. It is a toss up between Sgt Peppers and The White Album but I will be giving it to the White album. I agree with your wife. I mean it has Ob-bla Di on that one:) Which album was it where it had the dead babies on it and was out for like a day before they had to change it? have to look that one up again-wish i had it-worth a small fortune now

  3. Hey! Welcome back to my post A to Z days.

    Fox - Come on, I think you could still pick a favourite. Starting w/ Rubber Soul, the UK and US versions were the same anyway, and that is when they started getting better at what they already did oh so well.

    B - My vote went to Kirk, so I guess I helped him win. And I love Shatner's music. That's half-joking, but only half. Have ya ever heard Nimoy's Bilbo Baggins song? As for The Beatles, I'm still debating for which one I will vote. I have it narrowed down to my five faves so far. The so-called Butcher Album was the original cover for the US release, Yesterday and Today, which was a compilation of some songs from Help! and Rubber Soul, with a few other songs tossed in to the mix.

    Oh, and Ob La Di is actually the one song on my lovely wife's favourite album that she does NOT like. She actually has a theory that Ob La Di broke up The Beatles. She says that "Once John Lennon had to put his name on Ob La Di Ob La Da, it was over." Ha!

    Thanx for stopping by. See ya 'round the web.

  4. SO hard to choose. It's a cliche and boring to pick Sgt. Pepper, and I think ultimately not true. It was the most significant album in rock history, and anyone who disputes that just didn;t live through that era. Three days after its release, the Beatles dropped into a London rock club to hear Jimi Hendrix and he played Sgt. Pepper. It crystallized everything that had been building from Dylan, the Beatles, the Byrds and many others about rock as a wide-open, write-about-anything, sound-like-anything art form (basically, the transformation from pop to rock and from "acts" to "bands"). But Sgt. Pepper now sounds dated. The White Album has wide-ranging moments of brilliance from Julia to Helter Skelter to While My Guitar and much more, but also REAL low points. Honey Pie? Wild Honey Pie??? I think the two consistently greatest albums that hold up today are (to my mind, pretty clearly) Revolver and Abbey Road. But in the end, or The End if you prefer, I think the edge has to go to Revolver. From the opening jabbing chords of Taxman to the simple poetry of Eleanor Rigby, the album swings between very good and great. And while it might not be great rock and roll, 48 years later Tomorrow Never Knows is STILL one of the most original songs in rock history:
    That love is all and love is everyone
    It is knowing, it is knowing
    That ignorance and haste may mourn the dead,
    It is believing, it is believing
    But listen to the color of your dreams,
    It is not living, it is not living
    Or play the game "existence" to the end
    Of the beginning, of the beginning

  5. By the way, even though studio engineer Geoff Emerick wrote years later that John Lennon "openly and vocally detested" Ob La Di Ob La Da, Paul was at his worst perfectionist self and made the band do nearly 60 excruciating takes. So I think Amy might be right!!!!

  6. So, and in the end, we both share a favourite Beatles album. Glad to hear I am in good company. If you check out the poll right now, Revolver and The White Album are in the lead, w/ Sgt. Pepper just behind them. I really do think that is going to be the three way battle for number one.

    If only I could somehow get more people voting. Sadly though, the way Facebook runs its algorithms lately, it is no longer a good platform for promoting one's blog. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    And yeah, I think Amy is right too. Thanx for stopping by, and taking the time to comment. Not many people comment, and I'm always happy to see more commenting, and hence, more of a community, on my blog. See ya 'round the web.

  7. Hi Kevyn, Hey, you used my Trek.Hard Day's night crossover! I'm honored! I made a few other crossovers too, that you can see here:
    Glad you like! -LLAP - Therese Bohn