Monday, May 12, 2014

A Well Deserved Break, and Things to Come...

So, after writing 35 posts in the past 41 days, I am taking a few days off. Okay, there will be the obligatory Heavenly Body of the Week in a couple days, but there will be no serious posts for at least five days, maybe even six. But not to worry faithful readers and true believers, for I will return in full freakin' force next week. You will get (spoiler alert!!) a fresh new film review or two (Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past), a brand new entry in The Great Albums Series (the late Miss Winehouse's Back to Black), another visit to the Classic Cinema Corner (Gun Crazy), the start of a brand new series titled The Alphabet Game, and lots lots lots more. There will also be a look at what Star Wars would have been if it had been something else. Wait, what? You'll get it in time. Don't worry. There will also be some fun comic book stuff, and maybe even a top ten or two. And this is just in my first week back. Well, except for the Star Wars thing. That's coming a little later. And don't forget to get your vote on in the current Beatles Album Poll. A poll that may just tie in with one of those aforementioned top tens. And, taking a longer look, there will be lots of fun new stuff coming to All Things Kevyn over the Summer, including a few surprise guest bloggers making some cameo appearances. And, before I go (for now), I would like to officially welcome aboard the new followers I got when I participated in last month's A to Z Challenge. Glad to have ya around, and hope ya stay a while. Anyhoo, that's it gang (for now). See ya 'round the web. Be back soon. Now here's a pic of the Fantastic Four on holiday. Enjoy.


  1. Can't wait to read about Gun Crazy and enjoy your well-deserved break

  2. oh and i am following your blog but not sure why I don't show up here as following you?? I am not the most computer literate

  3. Thanx everybody. There will be a Heavenly Body of the Week tomorrow, then I'll be back on Monday sometime, with a brand new Fab Four (or Five) top ten list.

    See ya 'round the web.