Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kevyn Knox is My Name and Blogging is My Game

Hey gang!! Yup, it's me, Kevyn Knox, your oh so humble narrator. Okay, maybe not all that humble, but still your narrator dammit! So, in case you haven't already figured it out, you are currently reading my blog, the rather appropriately titled All Things Kevyn. And, in case you don't already know, I write on all things pop cultury, be it cinema or comics or the so-called boob tube or video games (the retro ones at least) or music or what have you. But today - it's all about me. All about yours truly. See, today is K-Day. What is K-Day, you ask? Good question. Let me tell ya. During the month of April, there is this thing. It's called The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. Those who are part of this month-long blogathon know of what I speak, for those who don't, well... you can always go to the link in the last sentence, and see for yourself. Anyhoo, since this is K-Day, the natural thing to talk about would be me, Kevyn Knox (and no, my middle initial is not also K). I even added an image of myself to the right. Okay, maybe that's not me, per se, but it is the image I use all over these intrawebs. It's even right over there at the top of my sidebar. Actual images of yours truly are few and far between on this world wide web thing. Gotta keep the mystery alive, eh? But enough of this and that. We're here to talk about me, so let's get on with it.

I was born during the so-called Summer of Love (and conceived in the Winter of our Discontent, as I like to stupidly joke) and grew up in an amusement park. Yeah, that last part sounds totally made up, but it is totally real. Yup, that's right. It was a place called Williams Grove Park. It was on a small island (if one can call land surrounded by two creeks shallow enough to wade across without even getting your knees wet, an island) in south central Pennsylvania. Half the island was a quaint little amusement park, while the other half was an array of equally quaint cottages. Both of my grandparents (the maternal pair) worked at the park. My grandfather rand the rides, while my grandma worked the food stands. As a little kid I, and the other kids in the quaint little neighbourhood, pretty much had the run of the place. But enough of this gooey kids stuff - let's jump ahead to now. There was some poetry in between there. My lovely wife and I used to publish a poetry magazine called Experimental Forest. It ran for nine issues. Meanwhile, as a budding poet, I was actually published over a hundred times, and on three different continents. Okay, there was one in Japan, one in Ireland, and the rest were here in the US, but dammit, that counts as three continents. But anyway, let's move on to now. If you want more details of the last decade of my life, the online decade, check out the below link, and then get your ass back over here.

So there ya go. Which brings us to today. K-Day! As you have probably already guessed (and my regulars should already have known for a while now) I like comic books and motion pictures and television, and all that jazz. Hey, I like jazz too. Anyway, since I write on a lot of these subjects, and since many of you who have just started visiting thanx to that A to Z thing I was talking about back there somewhere, probably have missed many of these writings-cum-postings from my cyber past. So, below are some more links to these past cyber posts. I know it takes a lot for some to traverse the 2000+ blogs involved in this A to Z thang, so you might not have time to check all of these bad boys out right now, but you can still bookmark this post, and get to it at your leisure. For those who do have the time... what the hell ya waitin' for!? Seriously, have fun (or not) and I'll see ya back here for some closing comments, that I am sure you will not want to miss.

oh, and might as well check this out as well...

The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World

Well, there ya go. Hope you had some fun. If not, well... sorry, but that's your problem, not mine. Ha! Anyhoo, that's my K-Day post, and since I pretty much tossed about eleventy hundred posts atchya, I really have nothing more to say. Pleae to to check out at least a few of these, at your leisure, and check back tomorrow for L-Day, and some (hopefully) fun comic strips of my creation. That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. much to read. You've been at this for 10 years? Congrats man! I'm gonna go flip through some of these archives now. Happy K-day!

  2. I shall check out some of your past write ups. Fun to know you grew up in an amusement park. I grew up on a sawmill:)

  3. Thanx for stopping by on this Saturday K-Day morning. Hope ya like wahtchya see. If not, so be it. A sawmill, eh? I love the smell of a sawmill.

    1. yes I do like what I see and I still can't get enough of smelling sawdust

  4. All about YOU, huh? Why nuthin' on our time together On the Road. You as Sal, me as Dean!? It was a fun time. Remember Henry, and the farm, and Georgie Peorgie, and, what was that bar's name?, Johnny Pegleg, or somethin' silly like that? Remember that time in Juarez, with the German girls. East German, baby!!! What the fuck were their names? Greta 1 and Greta 2!!! And remember hitchhiking up to Eugene for that party? Those crazy Czechs and us thinkin' they were killers? I know ya remember Cherry, since ya still talk to her. Anyway, more on our road days!!

  5. Hey, Rufus Dufus, my bruthah from anuthah muthah. My Dean Moriarty! Yeah, yeah, I know, nothing from our days on the road, but you seem to cover that in your guest posts. Basically, this was just a quickie to help promote past posts maybe not seen and/or read by my newcoming newcomers.

  6. Glad to see you are doing well, even if you are a sexist pig and my evil male counterpart. Seriously, it has been a long long time. You and Amy should come up here to NYC and visit sometime.