Tuesday, March 4, 2014

To Boldly Go Where Pretty Much Every Other Website w/ a Sci-Fi Bent Has Gone Before: A Who is the Best Star Trek Captain Poll

That's right my space dawgs, a brand new poll has popped up here at All Things Kevyn, and it's one that asks that age old question, who is the best Star Trek captain?  Okay, granted that such a question is not really age old per se, since it really can't be any older than 1987, the year that saw Captain Jean-Luc Picard take charge of the USS Enterprise, having had only one Star Trek captain before then (I know, I know, Captain Pike - let me finish already), but in the whole scheme of things, and with Trekkies and Trekkers being the way they are, and internet forums and chat rooms being what they are, it does seem as if this question has been around forever.  But forever-seeming or not, it's about time we ask the question at least one more time, so here it is.

Who is the best Star Trek captain?  Who, indeed.  Cutting out all the little seen captains from the movies and/or guests spots on the various TV shows (sorry Captain Pike), we are left with the five main captains from the five main shows (and movies).  You get to choose between the original gangsta, Captain James Tiberius Kirk; the Next Generation man-of-the-hour, Captain Jean-Luc Picard; Deep Space Nine's space station head honcho, Captain Benjamin Sisko; USS Voyager's stalwart but wayward Captain Kathryn Janeway; and that prequel commander, Captain Jonathan Archer.  Now I suspect (and it's a pretty fair suspicion at that) that this is probably going to be a two-way race between bare knuckle brawler Kirk and the philosophical ass kicker Picard, with the other three vying for a very distant bronze medal.  I could be wrong, but I rarely ever am.  Ha!  Seriously though, it would be nice to see some love for Captains Janeway, Sisko, and Archer.  You know, so they don't feel bad or get their feelings hurt.

So, this poll will run for eight weeks, ending at midnight EST the night of Wednesday, April 30th, with the results (and the announcement of a brand new poll) being posted on May 1st.  So you have till then to figure out who your favourite Star Trek captain happens to be, though I am sure those who think of such things, probably already know who their favourite is, and will vote ASAP, as it were.  You also have until then to let everyone you come in contact with, know about our little poll here at All Things Kevyn.  So share share share.  The more the merrier.  As for how to vote, let me tell ya.  Sure, you can give your choice in the comments section below (and I do encourage comments, so comment up galore - I'll love ya forever for it) but for your vote to actually count (no hanging chads here!) you must go over to the poll itself, which can be found oh so conveniently near the top of the right hand sidebar (ya can't miss it) and do what you must do.  It's easy peezy, lemon squeezy.  You can also check out the running results over there as well.  Then after you vote, feel free to hop back over here and comment away.  Remember, I'll love ya forever for it.

So, with all that said, get on over there and get your vote on - and tell everyone you know!  I'll be back here on May 1st to letchya in on the results.  Of course I will be around lots in between now and then as well, so try to keep up.  In April I will be participating in the A to Z Challenge, but more on that later.  I will have at least two posts that actually relate to this poll, up and running over the next month or so.  The first is a top ten list titled, 'The 10 Best Captains." I will take a look at all the great fictional captains throughout time and space, and amongst the inevitable Morgans and Americas, will be at least one former USS Enterprise captain.  Meanwhile, over at my new gig as a member of the Geek League of America, I will be posting a list of the best spaceships of sci-fi movies and TV, and ya just know a certain Star Trek vehicle is going to be on there, but more on that, and that particular gig, in a post coming in a few days.  For now, get out there and get your vote on!  That's it gang.  See ya 'round the web.


  1. Thanx for participating, Alex. And please tell all your friends 9and maybe enemies too) so we can get a ton of votes. Granted, this is probably going to be a two way race (not probably - it will be!), with the others vying for a distant third, so the more the merrier I say. Maybe even Captain Archer will grab up a vote or two. Thanx again for stoppin' by.

  2. Oh my, as a Star Trek fan, this is going to be hard!!!!

    1. Going to have to wait til I get on my laptop to vote. My smartphone isn't smart enough to show the poll.

  3. Thanx for stopping by Carrie-Anne. So far it is Kirk vs. Picard. The others have yet to grab any votes. Poor guys.

  4. As a bitchy feminist, I want to know, no - I demand to know where the Janeway love is!!!

  5. As a bitchy feminist, why dontchya go and vote for Janeway?