Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Batman: On The Dark Knight's Diamond Jubilee

It was 75 years ago today. Doesn't necessarily roll of the tongue the way The Beatles' "It was 20 years ago today" line from Sgt. Pepper does, but it is nonetheless an accurate statement when discussing today's Diamond Jubilee anniversary of the very first appearance of The World's Greatest Detective. To get all the boilerplate stuff out of the way, the date was March 30, 1939 (like you couldn't have figured that one out already) and the comic book was Detective Comics #27. It was the dawn of the superhero in American popular culture. Superman had debuted just the previous year, and characters such as Captain America, Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman would all appear within the next few years. Over the intervening 75 years, The Batman would become one of the most popular, and one of the most prolific (seriously, how many titles does one superhero need?) comic book characters of all-time. With this in mind, we here at All Things Kevyn (aka, your not-so-humble narrator, aka yours truly, aka me) have decided to celebrate this Diamond Jubilee (I love that phrase) with an array of Bat-images. These are some of my favourite Bat-pics from around the ole world wide web. Some are official DC products, many are not. So, without further ado, awaaaaaaay we go...

So apparently, Vincent Van Gogh was a big Caped Crusader fan. Who knew? This earlier companion piece to "A Starry Night," titled "A Starry Dark Knight," is one of the Dutch Master's most underrated works. It was done around the same time the whole cutting off the ear thing happened, so places like Gawker and TMZ were filled with gossip and hubbub over that scandal, and therefore this work just sort of fell through the cracks, to later be usurped by the strikingly similar "A Starry Night." Alas, poor Vinnie, you knew Batman well. Oh, and by the by, Van Gogh and Batman actually share a birthday - just 86 years apart. But enough of this art history class (see what you can learn by reading my blog!) let's move onto some other Batty imagery. Howzabout a Bat-collage?

The above image is one of my favourite pieces of fan Bat art. It was done using actual comic panels. The Bat fan artist in question, is Mike Alcantara. His work can be found at his Deviant Art site (linked oh so conveniently right here), and includes many non Bat works, including Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Flash, Captain America, and many others. You should really check the place out - there are some really cool works of superhero collage art to be found there. Mike even has pieces for sale on his Etsy site (which, oh so conveniently as well, can be viewed here). But what about another Mike? One a bit more famous (sorry Mr. Alcantara). What about Mike Allred? Yeah, what about him...

Mike Allred has drawn some of the most iconic characters in comics history, from Daredevil to Wolverine to Wonder Woman to She-Hulk to Aquaman to Dr. Strange to The Mighty Avengers to Doop (wait. what?) to his own creation, Madman. And now he is doing Silver Surfer!! I have gotta say, he is one of my favourite artists working today. So, when the guy is hired to work on Batman '66, how could it not be a very very very good thing, indeed!? His Adam West-ish Caped Crusader doing the Bat-Dance has just got to be included in this 75th Birthday festivities - so there he is, swinging his Bat-swing just above. How ya like him now! Check out this Mike's stuff over at the Allred HQ. Now, on with the show...

As most people have undoubtedly heard by now, there may be some homoerotic innuendo in the life of Batman and his Dynamic Duo little buddy, Robin. Some I am sure was intentional, but most is probably not. You can check out my tie-in romantic Valentine's Day post, if you want more info on the subject. Oh, and by the by, the above image is actually from a real live Batman comic book (Detective Comics #241 to be exact), although the fabulous was added by someone else. But enough of this oh so fabulous Batman. Let's move on to a younger version. An elementary school version even. 

Writer/artist Yale Stewart writes and draws a great comic strip known as JL8. It is about the adventures of a grade school Justice League - the Little Justice League (which is what it was originally called), if you will. Everyone is here. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, Power Girl, Green Lantern. And they are all just 8 years old. This Bat-specific one is one of my faves of the 160+ strips that Yale has done over the years. You may have to click on this one to make it bigger. They are all fun and filled with pathos at times (one of 'em even kinda devastates), and you should probably go on and check them out over at the official JL8 site. You can also check out Yale at his personal Tumblr. site. Aaaaand, since we are on the subject of Bat-related comic strips, has anyone checked out La-La & Lu-Lu lately?

That's right kids, even I've gotten into the Bat-frenzy. Yeah, like that's a surprise to anyone. For those who are unaware, I do my own comic strip. It's called La-La & Lu-Lu (which should be a give-way considering the damn strip is right above here) and I created it back in the Summer of 2012 (yup, waaaay back). I, of course, have done a bunch of superhero related ones, but this is one of the Battier ones. La-La & Lu-Lu is a creation by me that is published (for lack of a better term) by my comic label, Brain Tumor Comix. New strips will be appear right here at All Things Kevyn (the next of which will be coming in mid-April), so keep an eye out for those. If ya wanna check out all my La-La & Lu-Lu's, in one oh so convenient place, head on over to their very own Tumblr. site, and peruse to your heart's delight. 

My friend Rufus, loves The Dark Knight. and he loves Joy Division, so when he saw the above image, he pretty much exploded with excitement. Yeah, Rufus is kind of a little bitch like that. Anyway, this piece was done by a Brazilian artist by the name of Butcher Billy. He actually has a whole series of these, blending post punk era bands with members of the Justice League. His work can be found at his Tumblr. site, and he has prints available at the Red Bubble Butcher Billy page. So, I should probably stop rambling on here. We don't want this post to go on for another 75 years. See what I did there? But before I go, I would be remiss if I did not post the following picture...

Yup. That's our puppy. Her name is Marcy Proust (my lovely wife picked the name) and she is our little Chihuahua/Pug/Jack Russell mix (otherwise known as a Jack-Pug-a-wow-wow). This is a pic of little Marcy Proust in her very first outfit - a Batman sweater (and pink booties). She was just about two months old here. She has since outgrown said Bat-sweater, but not by much. Oh, and don't worry, there will be a Marcy Proust fashion show post coming up soon, here at All Things Kevyn. I know you were worried there wouldn't be one. So I suppose that's all I have to say about that. I would like to close out by saying happy 75th birthday Mr. Wayne. Oops, did I just let your secret identity out of the bag? Sorry dude. And now we close out with Frank Miller's classic Dark Knight - one of my all-time favourite Batman images. Happy Bat-Birthday. That's it gang. See ya 'round the web.


  1. Hey, Batman is my dream man, so this post was fun. Wouldn't I love to be Catwoman some days, or maybe some nights too. Yeah, I'm a Bat Slut. What can I say?

  2. Gotta love Frank Miller Batman! Gotta!!

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