Monday, March 3, 2014

Ellen, Cate, Brangelia, Jared, Lupita, the McConaissance, Pizza, the Oscars, and How to Take a Great Selfie! Alright Alright Alright!

Well, another year, and another Academy Awards ceremony.  Anyone who knows me and my lovely wife, knows damn well that Oscar night is one of the biggest nights of the year for us.  Yeah yeah, I know, it's all so artificial, but what you must understand is, I love the artificial.  The artificiality of cinema has always been a favourite thing of mine, and add in the red carpet, and all the glitz and glitter...  Anyway, the Oscars are over for this year, and it's about time we get a little round-up action going.  So here we go...

It was a fun night.  Ellen Degeneres makes for a fun host.  There are always those who will complain that it was a boring or silly or whatever show, but they're just haters, and ya know, haters gonna be hatin'.  But I found the show great fun.  Sure, there were some pointless montages that I suppose were meant to represent some silly notion of heroism (the so-called theme for the night), and there was a ridiculous tribute to the cinematic year of 1939, where they gave tribute to just one film from the iconic year (really??), but overall the show was fun.  From Lupita to the McConaissance to the beauty of Jared Leto to the best Pizza Oscar moment ever (I quite enjoyed Ellen's use of celeb audience members in her routines, and their over-willingness to join in on the fun - it was great to see Brad Pitt passing out plates for the pizzas Ellen had delivered, and to her calling out Harvey Weinstein to pay for them), it was a fun night, indeed.  But then, we aren't really here to talk about the Oscars.  Yeah, Lupita and Cate were the best in their gowns, and Kim Novak looked like the Joker, and Bette Midler has lost her pipes, and Benedict Cumberbatch photo-bombed U2, and it was great to see Roger Ebert included in the night's in memoriam (not great because the man died, but great that he was honoured along with the rest of film history's losses last year), and there was also the best selfie ever, so great that it's record-smashing RT's crashed Twitter for a few minutes (the pic can be seen below btw), but that can all be found at about a billion other sites around the web, so why talk about it all here, when there are more personal things to talk of here.  More specifically, stuff about me.  

As you know (or at least as you should know) I made my annual Oscar predictions on Saturday, and I suppose we should discuss those predictions.  Three times in my annual Oscar predicting (officially keeping score since 1998) I managed to correctly predict 19 out of 24.  These years were 2009, 2010, and 2012.  Most other years I went either 17 or 18, with my low being just two years ago, with a mere 16.  This year I was again hoping for a record setting 20 right.  It was looking good there for awhile, but then after losing both costumes and Original screenplay (I stupidly picked American Hustle, which incidentally went 0 for 10 last night, in both spots), it started looking not so good.  Then, with just one award to go, and me sitting at 19 correct, I thought, damn I can do this.  Of course I had Gravity marked on my ballot, and as I am sure you have heard by now, 12 Years A Slave won that final award - leaving this guy at yet another year at 19 out of 24.  Well fuck me.  Now I don't begrudge 12 Years its victory.  Sure, I think the film is a bit on the overrated side, but it was still a fine and powerful film.  Yeah, it's a bit weird that Gravity won seven Oscars, including Best Director (the first ever Mexican directing winner for all those who claim it was racist that the black man didn't win) but another film, with just two other wins, ending up getting BP.  But again, I do not begrudge it the win, even if it did mean that I would not get that oh so elusive twentieth correct prediction.  Ah well, it was a fun show though.

Well, that's it for this so-called awards season.  Alright alright alright, and all that.  Now we can go on to other things, but first let me say a bit about that aforementioned selfie (again, this meta-selfie is just below this paragraph) and that whole pizza segment.  It was fun to see these celebs, these mostly extremely wealthy celebs, just simply having fun and acting like so-called regular people.  Now it is no secret that I would love to be one of these celebs.  I've always dreamt of being famous.  Who hasn't?  Perhaps not Brad Pitt famous, but something more than I have been so far in life, and with this in mind, I can picture myself having fun like this at the Oscars.  I know this all sounds pretty cheezy, but yeah, this looked like honest-to-goodness fun being had by Brangelina and  J-Law and Ellen and Meryl and Julia and Lupita and her brother.  Having pizza and doing selfies - fun fun fun.   They actually seemed to drop their guard and let us in for a bit last night.  The public persona of a celebrity is usually so guarded.  In movies and on TV, they are playing a character.  In interviews they are usually there to promote something they are doing.  Even at awards shows, they are playing a part of sorts, but last night, with the whole selfie thing, and with Ellen's passing around of pizza, we got to see an ever-so-brief glimpse of the real people behind the celebrity - and it was fun.  But I digress.

It was a fun night, just myself, my lovely wife, and our friend Anna (the poor girl was so worried that Brad wasn't getting any pizza - he did btw, so you can relax now Anna), as opposed to the big cumbersome parties of years past - parties that always stressed me out and often took the fun away from the actual festivities on TV.  And I got to live tweet the whole shebang - a thing I really had fun with, and hope to do again next year, as well as doing it for the Globes and Sags and so on.  But enough of this, my round-up is complete.  That's it gang.  See ya 'round the web.

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  1. Good job on the 19 out of 24 thing. I only got 16 at the Oscar party I was at. I too picked Gravity for Best Picture, and I picked Lawrence for Supporting Actress.

    I love the group selfie. It was a fun moment of the show. I love how Lupita's brother got up front but poor Lupita is trapped behind Brad's shoulder.

    Glad you had a good time at your party. Bummer that the bastards at Midtown Cinema screwed you guys over like they did. Rufus was giving me all the dirt. Fucking bastards!

    TTFN - yeah, I said that.