Saturday, February 8, 2014

It Was Only a Matter of Time: My New Gig as Comic Reviewer

Hey gang!  It would appear that I have now been employed as a comicbook reviewer.  Well, maybe not employed so much (there's no actual pay - just recognition, as it were), but you get the picture.  I figure, I've spent the past decade or so as a film critic, with at least a modacum of success (ie, other film critics know who I am), and I do love me some comics, so as it clearly states in the title of this post, it was only a matter of time until I turned my sights toward being a comicbook critic as well.  Oh, and for all those fans of my film criticism (you do exist, right?), you need not worry, for the film reviews will keep a-comin.  But enough of film reviews and criticism, this is supposed to be a post about my brand new gig as a reviewer of comicbooks, so let's get on with that, shall we?

As I was saying, it was only a matter of time until I began doing comicbook reviews.  All I needed to do was find someone willing to publish them.  Sure, I could have done it myself (I already do such with my aforementioned film reviews), but where's the fun in that?  So, a very smart (or very easily fooled) gentleman by the name of Bob Bretall has helped me out on this front.  Mr. Bretall happens to have one of the biggest, if not the biggest comic collection in the world (really, the pictures and videos I have seen are pretty rad).  He also happens to be the webmaster over at a place called ComicSpectrum, the place where my comicbook reviews will be appearing at a one-per-week clip.  My inaugural review is a look at DC's Swamp Thing #28.  Said review was posted late Friday night, or early Saturday morning, if that's how ya wanna look at it.  To check it out, and to check out future installments, just head on over to my Comic Review page, conveniently linked below.

I will add all my upcoming reviews to the above linked page, and you can always find said page in the tabs at the top of my blog.  My second review, on issue #5 of the great Vertigo title Coffin Hill, will be popping up next weekend, and it will be followed each (and hopefully every) weekend thereafter. Again, all of which can be found (well, the links to each, at least) at my Comic Review page, so keep checking back.  Or don't.  Whatever.  Anyhoo, see ya 'round the web.

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  1. You're right buddy boy. It was only a matter o' time. I thing it's kinda funny that for your first review, you do a DC comic, after years of being such a Marvel kid.