Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Best of Addendum

Hey you guys!!! - he says in his best Electric Company voice (and those who know not of what I speak, are obviously not as pop cultured as they think they are), we here at the home offices of All Things Kevyn, which is of course, just your not-so-humble narrator here, wants to let you know about a little thing he (or I, if I don't want to talk in the third person) did for then fine folks over at Forces of Geek.  Ya see, once upon time, I had a writing gig over at FoG, writing about the history of sci-fi cinema.  This gig ran for about six months (12 bi-weekly columns to be exact) before I was forced to drop out due to my failure to make deadlines. Yeah, I gotta admit, I've never been very good with the whole deadline thing, and I suppose this got on the nerves of the powers-that-be over at FoG, as I was asked to never come back. Okay, I wasn't really asked to never come back, but their was a mutual agreement that I would stop doing the column. This was all kinda nice actually, because I was kinda getting bored with doing it anyway, and with the whole shebang-a-roonie of my lovely wife and I getting kicked out of our once sweet arthouse cinema gig around the same time (check out this blog's very first post for details on that), some space was needed.  But, I'm getting way off subject here.  Well, sorta. Let's do one of my favourite things now, and digress.

Ya see, the whole idea of posting this post that I just posted (post-haste even) is to tell ya'll about my involvement in the Forces of Geek Best of 2013 poll.  Of course, as all my faithful readers and true believers already know (and you better know dammit!), I've already given the world my Best of 2013 list.  Well, at least the cinematic version.  Now here, I extend my best to include music, books, comics, and TV.  Yup, that's right, ladies and germs, it's all-encompassing, yo!  Actually it's not really all that encompassing, but there is some fun(ish) stuff on there, so you should check it out.  And, since I am not posting the aforementioned list on this blog, to check it out, all ya gotta do is go to this place right here, and extra, extra, read all about it.  And, for all those with pop culture needs, why not check the rest of the FoG site out while you are there.  And who knows, we might again be seeing me in the pages, or whatever you call them, of Forces of Geek sometime in the near future.  Well, that's about all I had to say today.  See ya 'round the web.

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