Monday, December 2, 2013

La-La & Lu-Lu and Their Summer of Wonder

Back in early July, a few weeks after being kicked to the curb by the nepotistic owners of the cinema my wife and I ran for four years (fired in order to give our job to the owner's friend, but that is a bitter tale for another time), I decided to take my long dormant desire to write and draw comics (or comix, as the old school counter-culturist in me prefers) and finally put pen to paper, and all that jazz.  In doing so, I created Brain Tumor Comix (also nicknamed BTC, a name I actually came up with waaay back in 1989 when I was first creating a silly superhero series called Smiley-Face Land Adventures - more on that in a future post) and started doing some comic strips and various other comic-esque work.  Among these strips, are ones titled "Famous People Attend A Cocktail Party" and "Naked Batman" and "Jimmy Delusional" and, as BTC's vanguard strip, "La-La & Lu-Lu."  All of these strips (as well as various sketches and previews) can be found at the official Brain Tumor Comix website.  These comix kept on coming throughout the Summer (beginning with my blog intro on July 13th) and would continue, on a semi-regular basis, until November 5th, when suddenly the comix dried up.  The reason?  Hmmm?  Throughout this Summer and (most of Fall) I have found out that my writing (the story ideas for said comix) is much more honed than my artistry (my art is not bad, for cartooning purposes, but seems to take too long a time to get any serious work done), so I have (mostly) sent my aforementioned comic-creating desire back to its old dormancy.  Sure, there might be some comix anthology work someday (side work on a hopeful anthology comicbook series to perhaps see physical publication sometime in 2014 is still in the backburner works) but for the most part, to be replaced by other writings (film reviews, essays, TV stuff, etc.), the comix creatin' has come to a halt.   Well, maybe not to a screeching or complete halt.

The cornerstone of my comix work has been the strip, La-La & Lu-Lu.  From July 17th to November 5th, 38 LL&LL's were published online.  The strip is sort of a blend of Matt Groening's Life in Hell and David Lynch's The Angriest Dog in the World.  A four-panel strip where the artwork is the same in each panel (the two titular characters standing in their living room) and only the words change, is not exactly the toughest kind of comic strip to do (one original piece of artwork, where one need just insert fresh dialogue), so my lack of speedy artwork is not a concern in such a strip. Therefore, this strip, this La-La & Lu-Lu shall continue on much better than any of my other comix works.  But before that, how about a little history of said strip.  Just below is my very first "La-La & Lu-Lu" strip.

What is the meaning of this strip, you ask?  None, really.  It's just a fun little nonsensical doodad.  "Why does everything have to have a meaning," a poet friend of mine would exclaim just about now.   Sometimes maybe eating a monkey is just maybe eating a monkey.  Though, if I ever happen to do a collection of my comix (and who knows, if I gather up enough of 'em, I just might), the title of said collection will be "I Think I Ate My Monkey."  Next up is a recurring theme in LL&LL.  It is the bashing of other comic strip characters, especially that smug, self-righteous bitch, Mary Worth.  Here is the first time La-La & Lu-Lu take a crack at the old broad.

Being big on pop culture reference, the guys have also taken stabs at other comic characters, such as Batman and Spider-Man.  There is a recurring thing where La-La insists that he is indeed, the Caped Crusader, much to Lu-Lu's chagrin and disbelief.  It is something you should check out when you are checking out all my La-La & Lu-Lu's (and ya know ya'll gonna be checkin' 'em all out at the next available moment).  There is one particular strip (the one right below these words as a matter of fact) that takes on Spider-Man, and it just so happens to be my own personal favourite of all my LL&LL's.

Good, right?  Whatever!  Seriously though, I like doing these strips (again, being the lazy artist that I am) and I like coming up with the gags and/or jokes.  One strip involves a gag that I actually came up with (or perhaps heard in passing) a good twenty-five years or so ago.  It is a pun that I have told to people on numerous occasions (mostly followed by a collective groan from my usually captive audience) and I was finally happy to "get rid of it" by airing it on the web. And, to air it again now, here it is right below.  Now enjoy...and then let out the inevitable colective groan (or just a single-player groan if no one else is around).

I warned ya.  But anyway, let us move on in our short little comicstrip history.  Yes, La-La & Lu-Lu may be the only characters one sees when reading this strip, but that does not by any means, mean that they are the only ones around their world.  We've already sen (or at least heard of) Spidey making a visit, and that bitch Mary Worth, so howzabout other characters.  Well, we do need a love interest, and since La-La gets top billing, he became the first to get such an interest.  So, who would date La-la, you ask?  Well, it would have to be someone quite sophisticated, now wouldn't it?  Just see below.

Yup (as Lu-Lu is prone to say) that is some dame, and she will be making more "appearances" in future strips (I hope they don't ever break up...foreshadowing...oooh).  And speaking of guest "appearances," I went it one further, and actually did a strip dedicated to another comic strip character.  As you may have noticed, each strip has its own subtitle, and that is something I "borrowed" from a certain Mr. Bill Griffith, and his own iconic creation, Zippy the Pinhead.  So, to give back to the guy (like, he had anything to do with my sampling his subtitling) I decided to create a strip in the vernacular of the esoteric, absurdest Zippy.  And it is approved too.  I sent a copy to Bill (a Facebook friend btw) and he called it funny, so approved it has become.  Check it out below.

Well, this has been a fair sampling of my La-La & Lu-Lu, eh?  If you want to read 'em all (38 web comics, no waiting) all ya have to do is head on over to the official La-La & Lu-Lu Tumblr page, where they all happen to be oh so conveniently stored away. And yes, even though it has been nearly a month since the last one, there will be more La-La & Lu-Lu's a-comin'.  Maybe some as soon as next week (foreshadowing again).  But for now, to get ya through the lean times, please allow me to include one last sample right here - and this one is a world premiere event.  Yup, that's right, a never before seen La-La & Lu-Lu comicstrip.  A coupla months back, I sent a submission to the fine and freaky folks over at Mad Magazine.  Evidently, said comicstrip submission was rejected by these fine and freaky folks.  So, since they won't have it, I give it to you, my adoring public.  So, without further ado, here is the world premiere of my 39th La-La & Lu-Lu.  Enjoy it!

Well, there ya go.  Hopefully you will get the chance to check out all my other strips at the above links.  And remember that all my upcoming new La-La & Lu-Lu's will be posted right here at this very same bat channel (as well as over at the aforementioned BTC site), so keep your eyes peeled, as they say.  Se ya 'round the web.


  1. I like your La-La & Lu-Lu stuff. Maybe lazy, but what the fuck. You are more of a word man anyway. As for the premiere Mad Mag submission, maybe they took offense to you using there slogan. Fuck 'um anyways! They haven't been any good in decades anyway.

    I'm still waiting for more of your Smiley-Face stuff, so bring that on, baby!

  2. Yeah yeah, Smiley-Face Land has been waiting to pop out into the world since the Fall of '89, so what's a little more time?

    I'm a-gonna send a LL&LL submission to High Times. Maybe they will be stoned enough to accept it.