Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm Not Garbo Ya Know - I Don't Really Vant to be Left Alone

Ya know, I look around this thing we call the world wide web, and I see and read a lot of blogs and/or websites out there, and I must say that a lot of these places are in much the same predicament that I find myself and my own blog.  An alarming lack of comments in the good ole comments section.  Almost as if no one is reading or even watching.  Okay, maybe some are watching, but in the grand tradition of interwebs trolling, no one is fessing up.  And ya know what?  It's starting to bug me.  A sad state of affairs, indeed.  Now granted, this blog has only been up and running for a few weeks now, and perhaps I should not yet expect a loyal following, but the same lack of comments also plagues my film site, The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World, and that sucker has been around for just over four years now.

It's not as if no one is around, as my blog stats say my posts are getting viewed (at least in a small manner of speaking), although that may include a lot of robots trolling around looking for good places to drop their loads of spam, but those that are around just seem to wish to keep to themselves, never letting me know how I'm doing (whether it is poorly or wonderfully or anywhere in between), and never ever validating my cyber existence.  Um, okay...perhaps I have some issues pertaining to my own self worth, but that's neither here nor there (nor anywhere for that matter), for it still bewilders me that after all these years (4+ on The Most Beautiful Fraud and a few weeks in my new home) there is not any sort of commentary or dialogue to accompany my posts.  Sure, I managed to get a bunch of comments on one single post recently (for those keeping score at home, that post would be The 10 Best Damn Mustaches in the World) but that was mostly due to my unsavory begging and pleading for comments over on Facebook.

And speaking of Facebook, that blue-hued social media mogul that keeps so many (myself very much included) so occupied at home and at work and everywhere in between, this is the place where everyone seems to go now to make their collective voices heard - even if they have nothing to say.  I go and post links to any and all of my blogging posts (and have been since, cyberly-speaking, time immemorial) and instead of going to my blog, reading whichever and whatever post, and leaving a comment or two in the comments section (gee that section feels so lonely ya know), they come rushing back to the ole FB, and leave whatever notice there, bypassing the original item, and its original host, in the proverbial dark and dank dungeon crevices of internet obscurity.  And ya know what?  This guy ain't no internet obscurity!  I've been around the track a few times, and I know that many in the film criticism world know my name and know my work.  Sure, I may not be to the grand ole level of someone like Jonathan Rosenbaum or Dave Kehr, or even Glenn Kenny or Kim Morgan (and those who know and care about film and any or all of its cinephiliac branches, knows of whom I speak) but I still know I have at least a tiny yet solid following in such circles.  And this bewilders me even more that no one really seems to be listening.

I said earlier that many fellow bloggers seem to have the same dilemma as me.  They are in the same sinking commentary boat as me, if you will.  Yet, at the same time, many bloggers (including the aforementioned film bloggers in the preceding paragraph) are at the other end of the spectrum, and are inundated with comments galore.  A real honest-to-goodness dialogue is happening at their respective places on the web, and I must admit, it's making me more than a bit jealous that I too do not have such a discourse, even after all these years on the web (I spent eight years webmastering a different film website, The Cinematheque, before moving onto The Most Beautiful Fraud four years ago).  Sure, with this new catch-all blog (not just film stuff, but all of culture, pop or otherwise) the following I do have may yet catch on and catch-up to where I am doing most of my current writing (I still publish my film reviews at the other site as well), and perhaps I am just howling at the empty wind this early on in this new blog's game, but howl away I most certainly will.  Howl away, indeed.

Now I know that I have at least one faithful follower here at All Things Kevyn.  My dear old friend Rufus Dangerman (and no, I will not reveal the man's secret identity, so stop asking!!) seems to comment on just about everything I do.  Granted, sometimes the guy can be a real pain in the ass, but at least he's honest and true about what he believes in, and more importantly, at least he takes the care and time and effort (as little as that may be) to write a few words in the ole comments section below each post.  In fact, the man known as Rufus Dangerman is such a regular customer around these parts (as well as a mysterious phantom entity over at Facebook), that I decided to toss him a bone of sorts, and offered him a guest spot right here.  That's right, this very same faithful and loyal pain in the ass will soon become a regular guest blogger right here at All Things Kevyn.  But that is another story for another day (his debut will be coming in a day or two).  Right here and right now, I am still whining (or is it bitching?) about the lack of love I am getting from the outside, so-called real world.

But I suppose Rufus isn't the only one to take pen to pape...er, I mean take fingertips to keyboard (or thumbs to keyboard if you happen to be of the more mobile-device set) and say a few things, but he is certainly the only one doing so with any sort of regularity.  I get a spattering of comments, both here and over at the film site, but these are few and far between, and ofttimes are due to my unseemly begging for comments and kudos.  I do want to give thanks to some of these off-regulars, such as Anna, Molly, Carter, Biff, The Kong, Zuky (and any and all of his fellow alter-egos), Dexter, Amanda, and Dan the Man too.  Hopefully these fellow travelers will keep making their presence known around these parts (and maybe do it a bit more often - not-so-subtle hint hint) and perhaps others that I have reached out to, will maybe do the same - as well as all those who may be currently trolling up the place as we speak.  I am just now beginning to run a series called The Great Albums, beginning just yesterday with my take on The Smiths' The Queen is Dead, and I figure/hope that these music-related pieces will start to get more people interested in the blog, and maybe even convince some to start that all-important dialogue of which I keep speaking.  Anyway, that's about all I had to rant and rave about today.  And now, since I did reference the lady in the post's title, I'll leave you with a pic of the lovely and talented Miss Greta Garbo.  See ya 'round the web.


  1. Boy you fuckin' cry a lot. Nobody says anything important on the web anymore anyway -- at least not in comments sections -- so why fuckin' care. Just a bunch a trolls doin' their nasty business everywhere. If ya want a dialogue these days, ya need to go onto Facebook, and even there it's kinda useless to try. That's the only forum anyone cares about anymore.

    And stop yer fuckin' cryin'. Yeah, I said that!

  2. Yeah yeah yeah. Well you complain a lot R.D.. But yes, there should be a goddamn dialogue here. I know that most people, when they deign to leave a comment, will do it on the link at FB, but they should be doing it right here and right now dammit! There are so many blogs I see that have hundreds of comments, and it seems like a community. Here (and at the Fraud) it seems like a lonely little room where I am screaming at nobody but a few (and far between) group. Hell, outside of you, there really ain't nothing going on 'round these parts - and so pal, you just ain't doing it for me. Ha, I kid, but seriously, we need a fucking community around here. Why don't you bring some peeps in. Do you have any friends outside of me and poor poor Tommy? If so, bring 'em over, as you would say. Bring 'em over.

  3. Bill "The Kong" RoddeyDecember 18, 2013 at 12:13 PM

    Welcome to my world of A View Askew over there at PennLive, All Things Kevyn. The "If I write it, they will comment" crowd is more like The Sounds of Silence. Being a blogger is like shouting in a barrel full of monkeys. You make a noise, but no one can hear you for all the noise the other monkeys are making. But I still find it fun, after 638 postings since 3/8/11.

  4. Oh, I find it fun, and I know there are those that listen to said shouting in a barrel full of monkeys - I just wish they would do a bit more squawkin' is all. I'm a rambling loudmouth, so why aren't they? Thanx for yr contribution Mr. The Kong. I do appreciate it and all.