Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Heavenly Body of the Week: Kashyyyk

"Wahr aauuurrr rauhrr aaauurrrruuugh." - Chewbacca, who happens to be from the planet of Kashyyyk.

See ya 'round the web.


  1. I'm a-likin' this series. First Vonnegut, and now Wookiee World. Suggestion for a future heavenly bodies? Teegeeack, dem karazy kat scientologists original name for Earth. Just don't let Tom Cruise read yer blog.

  2. Thanx. But to do one of these on LRH's batshitcrazy Scientology planet? Won't Xenu Cruise come and get me? He knows all. I still have Katie hiding out in my basement. Maybe I shouldn't have written that. But hey, their origin story reads a lot better than most religions...or at least a lot more fun. Just like Al Capone, it was income tax taking people down. Oh shit, I better shut up now, I hear Tom at the back door. And yes, that was a sexual innuendo joke about Mr. Cruise - just in case you missed it. The new one will be up later this week. Woo hoo. Kneel before Xenu!!

  3. Yeah, I never understood a single word he said, but I love to hear him talk. That wacky Chewbacca!

  4. Oh Joxh, you silly, sentimental Soviet sunofabitch. Thanx for stoppin' by. May the Marmottes sweetly tickle your dreams.

  5. Hey, how'd you know about Kashyyyk? I didn't think you were enough of a Star Wars nerd to read the books. I know you don't play the video games. I'm enough of a nerd to know it from both.

    1. LOL. Facebook just put this up as one of its reminders.