Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Life Day to Everyone!!

"This holiday is yours, but we all share with you the hope that this day brings us closer to freedom, and to harmony, and to peace. No matter how different we appear, we're all the same in our struggle against the powers of evil and darkness. I hope that this day will always be a day of joy in which we can reconfirm our dedication and our courage. And more than anything else, our love for one another. This is the promise of the Tree of Life." - Princess Leia Organna


  1. As a devout Jewish shiksa, just like Princess Leia, I say Happy Life Day right back atch'ya.

  2. Not to beat a dead taun-taun, but still I gets no love around here. You be the only one Cherry. The only one who cares. All those trolls out there in cyberworld, and no one ever comments. Well thanx Cherry, I appreciate what little love All Things Kevyn gets out there, and I appreciate the love from the likes of you. Keep on keepin' on Cherry baby. You make the rockin' world go 'round.