Sunday, November 24, 2013

First Post Anyone? Here Ya Go...

As an introduction to my new blog (this being the first post and all), I decided to include a picture of myself. I do not often post pics of my true self, choosing instead to show anything but myself as my token avatar, aka placeholder, so you should feel honoured. Sure, others have posted pics of me over at that Facebook place (though to this day, I have never used my own image as a profile pic), but otherwise, if I can help it, you will not see this face anywhere around these intrawebs parts. Like I said, honoured. Okay, so that's settled. There's my picture and you should feel honoured. Yada yada. Now let's get on with a proper introduction to this goddamn new website of mine. Here we go.

This past Summer (and most of the Fall as well) has been what one would call a real game-changer in the lives of the lovely little missus and myself. After 4+ years of jointly running Harrisburg Pa's lone arthouse cinema, we were unceremoniously let go, aka, chucked to the proverbial wolves without any real rhyme and/or reason. Now I am not about to get into any sort of former employer trash talk here on such a public forum, but let's just say that the wife and I have more than enough material to do a pretty juicy tell all expose on the folks that owned that aforementioned cinema. But for now, let's get past the atrocious way we were treated by a company full of bad people (oh, there I go), or the fact that we were dismissed in order to move friends of the bosses into our respective spots (oh, there I go again), and move on to what the future holds for yours truly and the lovely wife.  And maybe, if you're lucky, I will also explain just what this website is all about.

After our Summer of Leisure (aka, joblessness, but in a good way, since running the cinema did make both of us a collective ball of stress, all but relieved now, not to mention how we never had time for anything else), and my lack of writing anything of substance, or really writing much of anything at all (believe it or not, I was once a pretty prolific, and in certain circles, kinda popular-esque film critic, averaging several reviews and/or other film pieces per week - see here), as well as some failed experiments with cartooning, and delusions of me being the next Daniel Clowes (see here), it is time to get on with our lives. So, what is up? Glad ya asked. Well, the missus has gone back to writing the poetry she was once famous for writing (she too hasn't been the most prolific as of late) which is a great thing, because she is great at such things (a much better writer than I). As for myself, I am about to get back onto that old war horse of film criticism. I should have a new review up and running in a day or two (Blue is the Warmest Color), and then keep going at it back on my regular schedule (Dallas Buyers Club, Captain Phillips, 12 Years A Slave, and even a long awaited Blue Jasmine review coming quickly in succession after my comeback review). I am also working on two books (yeah, two!), at least one of which I hope to have finished (and hopefully published) sometime in the second half of 2014. More on those in a later post. Right now, maybe I should tell you just what this site is meant to be.

As you may have already guessed from the title of this here blog (unless you happen to be a fucking idiot, in which case, I probably don't want you reading my blog anyway! Go away fucking idiots!!) it is about all things me.  Oh yeah, I haven't formally introduced myself, have I? My name is Kevyn Knox, and this web log (yeah, that's what blog stands for!) is all about me. Some of you may already know of me (remember, I was once popular-esque), others, not so much. Whatever the case may be, this site will be all about me. Pretty egotistical, huh? So what! Actually, it's not really all that egotistical. This site is not necessarily about me so much as it is about whatever goes on inside my head (a scary place indeed). Basically this is just a place to talk about whatever happens to come into my head (as the tagline above says). A spot to gather all my random thoughts (look out!) and all the random stuff I do around the web (have I mentioned the Tumblr site I have, with equally random things populating it? It's called Random Fraudish Monkeyshines, and can be viewed here) and bring it into one big ole cyberhub right here, right now (did I just quote Jesus Jones?). Yeah, so anything I come up with will be shown here. Right here, right now dammit!!

Be they links to my aforementioned film reviews or ramblings about current events or babblings about what happened on this week's Walking Dead or Modern Family (the two best shows on TV today) or some sort of nostalgia-infused remembrance of things past (that one's an inside-ish joke for the wife) or what weird freaky thing our new puppy, Marcy Proust (yeah, that's her name - now do you get the inside-ish joke a bit better?), did last night or some kind of story about the 2200+ Pez collection we have in our house (some foreshadowing for an upcoming post) or a diatribe on anything from why The Velvet Underground is the greatest American rock band to a proposed sitcom that could be the perfect comeback vehicle for Jim J. Bullock (a revisionist history of Star Wars is in the making) or even one of those failed experiments at cartooning that everyone's been talking about (I do still plan on doing the occasional comix-related doohickey).  Whatever gives, will indeed be given. We are here for some words and some fun, and to quote the Cos, back in his Fat Albert days, if you're not careful, you may learn something before it's done. Now here, for no reason whatsoever (other than because it is one of the cutest freakin' things ever!), is a picture of a baby tapir. See ya 'round the web.


  1. Jackson Mac Low-- in the mid-50s, not at all inexplicably, saw his own writing approach drift to nonintentional operations and indeterminacy, never sensing any relation to tapirs whatsoever.
    Contemporaneous Monty Clift lost his place in the sun and began a consciously tapir-like slide into a not-so-innocent scrutiny of liberal literature and animal husbandry from whence he, like Tom Dooley, never returned.

  2. Oh to receive the surprise (or not so) of post-modern dalliances and/or commentary. Anonymous be thy wise old sage, and ye babble on as poet incarnate. I'll be watching you.

  3. Another blog from the great Kevyn Knox. Ya gotta enough of these things floatin' around now? Looking forward to what this one represents. A hub dammit, a fucking hub!!! I'll be watching buddy. Don't piss me off. Ha! Keep on keepin' on, man!

  4. This is the hub, baby!!

    Hopefully, I can gather links to my reviews over at The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World (and elsewhere when such a thing happens), and my comix from my BTC site (when I bother doing any), and anything from anywhere else (again, when such things happen), and then whatever pops into my head (I'm working on a piece where I schedule an entire network TV season - coming soon). Should be quite eclectic.

    I also hope to have a following of comments. On other blogs I've done, it was so hard to get people to comment, and/or start up an online conversation, yet I would see so many fellow bloggers do just that. Where they would get anywhere from dozens to (on some occasions) hundreds of comments, I am lucky to grab up even a single one. Hopefully this one will be different (though I see no reason why it would be, we can always hope) and the comments will come flowing in. I know I can count on my man, Rufus (The Roofdogg!!), and possibly one or two others that are semi-regulars on my film site, but I am aiming for many more as well.

    Hope to bring it all on, baby!! Here's to the future!!

  5. Like I don't have enough to browse through on the web already. Way to make me do more.

  6. Hey, howabout a guest spot on yer blog-o-roonie? I can talk about the dangers of being Dangerman. Maybe write about kaa-ray-zay shit. Maybe tell a whale of a tale about me mighty travels up and down the Congo and/or Mekong. A story on the allure of the middle finger. My imaginary date with Sarah Silverman, the future ex-Mrs. Dangerman. C'mon. I'm gonna do it anyway, and yer gonna post it, bee-atch.

  7. For you? The prestige of having me on your blog.

    I'm working on a piece about what it's like to be Dangerman, Rufus Dangerman. I'll send it to ya when I'm a-done, and you can do whatever ya want with it.

  8. Tell me all about it, Preacher Man!! You write it, I'll (maybe - depends on my mood) post it!!